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Age of Colonies is now listed on IndieDB, and will hopefully attract some attention.

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Age of Colonies is now listed on IndieDB, and we hope of course, that it will attract some attention.
We have been working on this game since January 2010, and even though progress has been slow, the game has made huge progress since project start.

Age of Colonies is a side-scrolling (RTS) city management game, where the goal is to develop your small village into a city and create an economy, which sustains your citizens life. Also you must defend your city against attacks from enemies.
The finished game will include 2 nations, a campaign for each and a sandbox mode for free play.

We have one request, since we haven't a graphics artist on the team: If anyone would like to help out and make graphics for the game, they are welcome to send me a message here at IndieDB.

Also we really like to hear your suggestions and constructive criticism.

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