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Age of Barbarian Ex has received a new DLC and a new update.

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Dear Barbarians! We are excited to announce you that "The Slaves' Fortress" is Now Available on Steam!

Age of Barbarian Ex DLC1 002 1

DLC features:
- Fight your way through the Dungeon of the Slaves' Fortress.
- Two formidable new bosses are waiting for you.
- Ride the mighty beast known as "Mok".
- Face terrible new enemies such as the Spider-worm or the Pigwarrior.
- Two new weapons, the Saw-axe and the Sword-Axe.
- Find the new hidden treasures.
- Save the slaves from their fate.

The Slaves Fortress 03

The New DLC is available for only $3,99!
In addition to the launch of our new DLC we've also updated Age of Barbarian Ex to v1.8.3
-Moreover, we've decided to bundle up the Age of Barbarians Series, so we're happy to announce you that we've released three new Bundle:

Age of Barbarian Ex - Bundle, which include the base game and the DLC "The Slaves' Fortress".
Age of Barbarians Story - Bundle, which include: Arena an Age of Barbarians Story, Deathbringer and Age of Barbarians: the Heavy Metal song.
Age of Barbarians - Collector's Edition, which include: Age of Barbarian Extended Cut, Arena an Age of Barbarians Story, The Slaves' Fortress, Deathbringer and Age of Barbarians: the Heavy Metal song.

The Slaves Fortress 02

The Slaves Fortress 07

The Slaves Fortress 04

Age of Barbarian Ex 1.8.3

- Frame Rate optimized, now the game should run more smoother.
- Optimized graphic compression.
- Kar-Azza 3-3b: Some minor graphic glitches, fixed.
- Furon-Azza: In some levels, the scrolling's behavior is weird, fixed.
- Rahaan the beginning, a bkg was cutted bad, fixed.
- Some animations are now better interconnected.
- Apeman: Sometimes if an Apeman is facing to the right, his strike doesn't hit, fixed.
- Flame SFX glitch, fixed.
- Kar-Azza: The player knocked on the ground was pushed to the left, fixed.
- Kar-Azza 3-1: Aishi (the maiden), was still present even if slready saved, fixed.
- Kar-Azza 3-1: Frame rate drop down, fixed.
- Character Info: Power, wasn't displayed correctly, fixed.
- Inventory Menu: If it was opened close to the side of the screen, it wasn't visible, fixed.
- Game code optimization.

New Contents:
- Character Info: Now is possible to Equip the items (you can select a maximum of three objects).
- You can see the equiped objects, even from the rose menu.
- Rahaan: the idle animation was too rigid, replaced.
- Sheyna: the idle animation was too rigid, replaced.
- Rahaan: the walk animation was too rigid, replaced.
- Sheyna: the walk animation was too rigid, replaced.
- Sheyna: Crouch animation improved.
- Sheyna: Parry animation improved.
- Rahaan: Falling animation imroved.
- Sheyna: Falling animation imroved.
- Apeman: Split in half animation, replaced with a more gory one.
- Vampire bat: Now it could be dismembered.
- New item: Gold bag, it could contain from 25 to 50 gold pieces.
- Now, when the Player Pick up the coins, the specific amount is visualized.

- Combo System improved.
- Pick up the coins doesn't request to crouch anymore.
- Vampire Bat: AI improved.
- Gameplay: Now is possible to roll while running.
- High/Low spinning slash, are now a little bit faster.
- We have hand painted and retouched a lot of BKG in various levels.
- Furon-Azza (Dragon): Scrolling improved.
- Furon-Azza (Dragon): The background is now animated and improved.
- Apeman: Now, some animations are smoother.
- Sabertooth tiger: some animations are now improved.
- Sabertooth tiger: the "deadly wounds" are now localized (head/torso).
- Marauder: New standing animation.
- Menu (in game): Some cosmetic changements.
- Inventory Menu: When activated, the screen will zoom in slightly.
- Water effect improved.
- Various FX are now improved.

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