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A layout of the current progress of the flash version of Agartha as well as features that are planned for the next version.

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You are Kuro's a bottlenosed dolphin, throughout the seas of Agartha you will find Lemurian devices created for cetacean's: Dolphin's Orcas ect... These Lemurian devices consist of Shields, Laser Blasters, Photon Torpedos, Health Jars, and Air Jars. Items are all consumable, meaning when you use an item you will need to collect that item again if you plan to use it.

As a bottlenosed dolphin you will be required to find sources of air. Air can be found by swimming toward the surface, finding air pockets, or finding plants that release air. Health Jars and Air Jars are used for replenishing your Health and Air respectably. You can replenish your health other ways by eating fish or consuming the contents of a clam. Because you're going to need to constantly replenish your breath, you will need to pay attention to the air bubble located next to the health bar. When you run out of air the air bubble will blink and make a sound indicating you need to find air soon, if you wait too long your health will subtract and ultimately your character will die. The shield item provides air, so if you're using the shield you don't need to surface for air!

It has been a hectic process porting Agartha from HTML 5 to Flash but the effort was worth it and here is what you can expect once the next playable demo of Agartha is released:

  • Enemies recoil when you attack them, not only do they remain still but they also move back a few pixels, giving the player more time to flee.
  • The sonar and laser attacks have been improved, you can now shoot multiple lasers and sonars all at once, creating a onslaught of projectiles on your enemies.
  • The flash version will feature sound effects, taking away that silent film feel of the HTML5 version.
  • The flash version has improved background tiles that are a lot less distracting than the busy HTML5 background tiles.
  • A new photon torpedo weapon has been introduced that seeks out and explodes over enemies.
  • Jellyfish come after you and fish flee from you - making it more difficult to replenish your health.

The next version of Agartha will have a few new features that will blow away the HTML5 playable demo, some of the new features expected will be:

  • Relics that will enhance the strength of weapons and alter their properties.
  • Relics that represent special armors that will surround Kuros, giving him immunity to certain attacks.
  • Relics that will turn enemies into items, like health jars and air jars.
  • You will be able to equip up to 5 relics at one time, relics will have a representing icon underneath the healthbar, you can unequip items at certain unequip points throughout the game.
  • There will be a armory room where all your collected relics will be stored and a library filled with clues and information found in the game. The armory will be used to equip relics.
  • You will earn badges that will allow you to advance to other levels, there will be a world map that the player can move around on, you will have the ability to go back to previous levels and start new quests. There will be hidden chambers that lead to newer levels.

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