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A few months late, here is the official announcement ofor Aftermath: Battalia Requiem. Listed in the announcement is the path that will be taken for the latest release and what is beyond in the future. A new direction for the Aftermath franchise

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Aftermath first began way back in late December 2006 as an untitled mod. At first it was just a small interface mod that changed the stock interface of Legacy for a more user friendly type interface that saw reductions in lag and some new backdrops. For the next six months, this small untitled mod slowly grew into a new total conversion mod; Aftermath. On the sixth month, the game changed forever...

Hyo Rain (update shot) Promo shell concept II

The smallest of all the total conversion mods for Legacy began making changes to the game that kept it at the forefront of the modding community; game play advancements. Spanning a total of 4 major releases and 12 minor releases over 3 years, Aftermath kept the community in a constant cycle of activity. That all ended in March 2009. Development support of the Aftermath 2.0 release had come to an end. The Aftermath team was soon disbanded soon after. A new major release for Aftermath was planned; Aftermath 3.0. Within months that release was scrapped. Instead of quitting, work continued on a new untitled release but at a much slower pace than normal. Work began on creating a brand new Aftermath release starting from scratch...

Romulan Starbase (initial treatment)

After several months of uncertainty, that untitled project became Battalia Requiem (battlefield of the fallen). The darkest of all Aftermath releases yet the most grand in scale. The name was chosen in memory of all that had come before that had since passed on and also for the last Aftermath release. The final battle. This final battle is waged within a region of space known as the Berratta Verge. A long fought battle tore this region of space in which the stories of the scarcely populated natives of this region refer to it as the battle between Heaven and Hell. The ones that participated in this battle that tore this region of space apart have long passed leaving the Berratta Verge split into two distinct sectors representing the result of these two factions. Since the collapse of the Borg Transwarp network, this region of space has now been discovered by the other races of the galaxy. Though this region of space has many secrets it has kept hidden for so long, all is not as it seems in this region of space.

Berratta Verge System: Negara Berratta Verge System: Hyo Rain

With inspiration taken from games like Mass Effect (both 1 and 2) and Darksiders; Aftermath Battalia Requiem is the least Star Trek influenced release for what is still essentially a Star Trek mod. With next to no Star Trek influence, Battalia Requiem is doing something no other Legacy mod is; standing completely on its own and running under its own momentum. The only reference to Star Trek canon is the collapse of the Borg Collective. No canon look, no canon feel and certainly no historical battles of canon events are present in Battalia Requiem. Battalia Requiem is the first representation of Legacy as a completely different game. No throw back to ideals of yesterday, Battalia Requiem is a re-imagined version of Star Trek in a much darker portrayal. Less technical and more brutal. Unforgiving and savage. An apocalyptic type realization of the Star Trek franchise.

Berratta Verge System: Des Neros Berratta Verge System: Ar Suane

With massive advancements to the core game engine, Battalia Requiem is well on track to going out on a high note. Everything from the way the game plays, the look of the ships and the environments will all be unique to Battalia Requiem. With a heavily stylized look and feel, Battalia Requiem is to be the last Star Trek version of Aftermath. With inspiration ranging from other games right through to music videos, K-pop and carbon fiber; Battalia Requiem is ready to leave the Star Trek franchise behind. The departure from the Star Trek franchise is reason for the state of Battalia Requiem. The final send off. The uniqueness of Battalia Requiem is to pave way for non Star Trek versions of Aftermath.

Nor station test


**** dude, that DS9, looks absolutely beautiful... 0_0

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I'd like to know if you will implement gameplay elements like those of mass effect and Star Trek Bridge Commander so you can walk on you're ship? Or command from the bridge? Tnx :)

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