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This is the review for AoMDC. Who hasn't heard of it? Seriously?

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Wednesday 11 Review: Afraid of Monsters: Director's Cut
This is my first game/mod review after several years, so I might as well start things off happy and positive, 'cause don't get used to it. Please remember that this is just a review. It is my opinion. Afraid of Monsters DC is a f*cking scary game. It's not the obvious things like zombies and crud that get ya, it's how you WILL try and anticipate what is coming next, then you get slapped upside the head by an evil ghost thing. Plus, there is some serious stuff that will make you jump, like the wheelchair guy or that cat ghost girl thing. Yea, I said cat. It goes meow really loud. Anyway...back on topic.Really original story here. No, there isn't an infested mall or zombies that make tortoises seem like lightning. These zombies are FAST, SCHIZOPHRENIC, and they can seriously piss me off...those smart little bastards.What this game gets done really well is atmosphere. It does this so well, Alan Wake better be watching its back. The music fits perfectly, and well timed screams and knocks in the pitch blackness will make you shoot at the air...or at least I did. I am gonna cut this short and do a Pros/Cons bit here.Pros:
- Awesome atmosphere
- Excellent Design and Amazing Textures
- Amazingly original story
- Impressive Boss Fight (4th Ending)
- Replayability is a YES. 4 EndingsCons:
- Can get repetitive midway or so. Depends on the person.
- Midway, it gets somewhat less scary, but that's just me.AoMDC gets 5 out of 5. (Much Simpler in my opinion).


Massivly agreed. AoM DC is extremely good. My only con is that the animations arent fluent enough, just the gun drops down and up like nothing. But its scary, the only game that gets me REALLY startled.

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Psychedelic_Snake Author

Massivly Agreed? You must REALLY like it.

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