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A preview of the Cave dungeon from AE Heart, featuring the first gameplay video with our totally reworked character sprites and tiling system. Check it out!

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Here is a gameplay preview of the Cave dungeon from AE Heart. This video also shows off the updated graphics, so check it out!

Here are a few of the enemies and traps from the Cave dungeon:


The bat will fly around aimlessly until it sees you, at which point it will fire beams of sonar at you. They have little HP, but their ability to fly protects them from lava and pits, which can make them quite irritating at times.


The shade looks like nothing but a black puddle until it gets close, at which point it will sink its teeth into your leg. It can only be hit when it comes up for an attack, so it takes careful timing to defeat a shade!


Lava does what it always tends to do; burns you to a crisp. Swim in the lava at your own peril!

Flame Revenant

With little HP and no way of moving at all, it may seem like the revenant would be easy to take out. It would be, if it weren't for its tendency to fill the room it's in with fireballs. Getting close to one can be very dangerous.

Fire Stick

The fire stick rotates, sweeping you and anything else nearby along with it. Jump over it or go around it, but touching it can land you in a world of pain.


The golem is in a class of its own, as it has a lot of HP, will follow you to the ends of the earth, and can break some walls with its smash attack. It can also, of course, break you with its smash attack. Lots of EXP for defeating one, though!

That's all for now, stay tuned for more dungeon previews and development updates!

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