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This is a small, "pictureful" update on the visual style of Akeldama.

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It's hard for me to actively update my game because my game hinges almost entirely on its story, complemented by hopefully engaging gameplay but the main focus is the characters and the players reactions to them (I think the gameplay is quite good though).Today I thought I'd upload some artwork advancements that have been made. The above image is with default textures and the one below is with the textures I've made.The idea was to make a dark, unsaturated, bland colored environment to add to the loneliness and neglected nature of the mansion. It's still got a bit of work to go but I'm quite pleased with my work. I've never thought of myself as a pixel artist (and I'm not) but it's uplifting to see that I can still accomplish a visual style when I set my mind to it.

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