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Since it's so awesome nowadays to have achievements in game (Which I actually like about my Xbox, by the way), Scribble(WT) gets some as well. A list of 20 achievements that can be unlocked during gameplay.

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You'll find achievements like everywhere nowadays. The Xbox 360 has them, the PlayStation 3 has them (albeit under the name "Trophies"), Steam has them, even that stupid World of Warcraft has them (Yes, I dislike WoW, and if you hate me for it, so be it). I'm pro-Achievement, actually. That's why Scribble(WT) has it's own set of achievements. Those achievements each add one point to your score, bringing the maximum up to a whopping 200 points.

Now, I don't want to give anything away here, but here's the names and descriptions (pre-unlocking) of all the achievements:

And Justice for All
I just love Metal.
Another Way to Die
Does that make you a bad gamer?
Avenged Sevenfold
This hurts you more than me.
Big Badaboom
The Mythbusters would be proud
Never touched a checkpoint before.
Crazy Ivan
I can see my house from up here!
Damn Crates
I HATE them crates!
They view you as the new Messiah
Enter Sandman
I'm so tired...
Hallowed be thy Name
That was... unlikely.
I don't wanna go to bed!
Just one more minute!
Meh. Climbing.
I HATE climbing!
Not much better
Where's the hard part?
Don't dare make any loud noises!
Piece of Cake
Very challenging, really.
Sad but True
You gotta be KIDDING!
Shoot you in the Back
Killed by a coward
Wow. How helpful.
You ain't gonna stick your thing in me!
Would you kindly...
A man chooses, a slave obeys.
As one achievement unlocks, it's description changed so that you actually know what you did to deserve that achievement (actually, the new description and the old one will be shown together). And yes, there's many references to Metal. Mostly song titles and mostly Metallica.

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