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Abstract Arena is a top-down action-shooter game set in a completely abstract context.

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Hello people of IndieDB, in this post we will be giving everyone a demo of team Credici's new Indie game: Abstract Arena. Team Credici was founded in 2016 by our main dev, Alberto Muratore who has been developing the game ever since then. But before we announce the biggest news, you may want to read more about the game if you haven't played it before.

Abstract Arena is a top-down action-shooter game set in a completely abstract context. Up to 6 different ships can clash in the arena, taking advantage of all of the unique and balanced skills each of them owns. Fast, precise, powerful: the gameplay is easy to learn but hard to master, adaptable to many play styles thanks to the variety of situations the player is brought to encounter.

The key features of Abstract Arena's graphics are the bright colors and the dry figures. To give the gameplay a little shake there are 12 different power ups that give to challengers new skills and useful gadgets. Companions turrets, magnetic fields, freezing missiles, reflecting shields and many other special objects enrich each situation. Up to 16 dynamic maps filled with moving obstacles are available to host all of the possible fights, each of them endowed with a different background.

As you may have guessed from the title, we have established Abstract Arena on Greenlight earlier today. We have made the decision to approach Steam because we consider Steam the most creditable game distributer on the internet. We are putting it on their now as we want to give our game a chance on Greenlight before Steam Direct comes along, so we would really appreciate it if you could vote for us.

If you would like to play the latest version of the game, then you can play it here:
In the demo, you will participate in the closest version of the game to the full Steam release!

So if you have a second of spare time, then you can vote for us here:

Thank you for your support! Hope to reach Steam with your help :)

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