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Versailles, Sanssouci, Schönbrunn, the Kremlin: whichever monuments your soldiers pledged their lives to defend will bring nations to all-out WAR!

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In a world lit up by the flames of ceaseless battles, great cities rise and fall. The only constant is WAR!


Plunge into a historic strategy game of epic proportions, Absolutum Dominium: Monuments & Wonders brings you the addictive turn-based campaign of extravagant empire-building with colossal, authentic monuments and famous landmarks. All set in the vivid and momentous world of the 18th century.


Command over 40 wholly different factions, each with their own unique buildings. From the graceful neoclassical palaces to the tall and awe-inspiring temples of the Indian Sultanates.


Lead your faction to a new golden age with prestigeous wonders from the 18th century, defending them with historical regiments. Or wage total war on your enemy, bringing death and destruction to their land, cities and people!


For the first time in an Absolutum Dominium game, marshal your resource to achieve the ultimate architectural and engineering feats. Intricately detailed historical landmarks enable you to tour the bygone world of the 18th century.


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