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This is a brief summary of what the Uncontacted Tribes scenario is about, including all updates and the story line behind the scenario.

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The year is 1907 and the age of imperialism is dying down all over the world. Russia had not had a major hand in the imperial struggle and have decided to conquest some of their own what was previously thought to be inhabited land.

Your goal is to lead the stronger, but lesser in numbers Russian army to destroy the Tribesmen totem located deep in the woods. However to destroy the totem you will need to raze and destroy their entire civilization.

In order for you to do this you must acquire funds from the newly established slave labor camp on the island of Bolshoy. How you allocate your workers requires a strategy in its own right.

Your other goal is to defend the seemingly random tribesmen attacks on the frontier town of Norilovsk. Which was established very recently. If the city is destroyed and the mayor dead, the mission is a failure. One can be alive but not vice versa. The mayor can die as long as the city is not destroyed. And the city can be destroyed as long as the mayor is not dead.

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