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About Invidia 422AC - Chapter 2 - How it's made? Pt. 2 A story on how the idea comes into reality, Q&A + a look in TIER3 and TIER4 religious buildings.

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Welcome to Part 2 of "How it's made". I would like to say excuse my grammar again and let's answer a couple of questions before talking about the process and the religious buildings.

Q: Isn't there an Invidia 422AC demo?
A: No, sorry about that. I don't want to offend fans and future customers but i am not the best programmer. Making a game with only TIER 1 unlocked and limited game play with make it a horrible demo. But in a day or two there will be a nice "Let's play" video coming out from a friend, which will be just as good as a demo. The video i have right now is an old BETA video, with no sounds or quests even. You can't even see the great effects when building a cube. So to all people who would like to see a demo, please come by in a day or two and see the official game play video on desura + the review of someone playing it. Lots of lulz are promised!

Q: What was the budget for a game like this?
A: 0$.

Q: How many employees are there in Menrva Games.
A: Only me, I'm just one guy.

Q: How long did it take to complete the game from the start?
A: Actually I did the math today and the game took about 5 months to make - from april to 4th of august.

Q: Isn't making a religions/magic game dangerous? Any curses?
A: Yea. When you think of mummy curses...and they only angered one religion. I on the other hand could anger pretty much every god making a game like this. But i took the "it's my destiny" approach and since i am doing it for good to make people read and give them some light, it's all right. But true story: A BBQ combusted on fire spontaneously and a dead pigeon fell on my balcony. When i turned around after a second it wasn't there any more even though it was dead and wet from the rain before.

You think i am laughing but no, i am not.

Anyway, the game is here now and it's doing good. And if something didn't want me to finish the game I wouldn't had finished it.

Q: Was it hard making the game?
A: There are a couple of things that make you fail when making a game.

1. Getting bored in the process and quitting/laziness
2. Inspiration and muse - If there isn't something giving you the art from above you won't make a masterpiece.
3. Living in a very dangerous and depressing place, filled with hatred and misery can take it's toll on you.

Nothing worse then being affected by anger and troublesome memories while trying to create art.
As my worst fear is letting it affect and slip inside my work. So yes, all these things have affected me.

Q: Why isn't Invidia 422AC hardcore enough?
A: Originally i wanted to include a lot of myths about Solomon and make it a lot darker as a game.
Then I was concerned that some distributors (not Desura) would have issues with satanism being a religion, or words like "demon" and other traumatizing material. I still kept the core of the game the same, while using some black humor. I made the game easier to swallow while still using all the messages I wanted to use. And if you beat the game and reach the golden cubes you will find that the game is hardcore enough to be banned.

Q: Will there be Invidia 2?
A: Maybe. This game is showing great potential and it's starting to gain popularity fast so maybe there will be another game. I first want to write a book and go into politics but if there is Invidia 2...
It will be hardcore. No more funny talk or censorship. Just grab a couple of kabbalah and enochian books, throw them in the mixer and sprinkle a little Crowley and Levy on top. It's going to make Assasin's Creed look like Sesame Street - The Game.

Q: Why house music in game? It's driving me insane.
A: It just happened. Luckily you can disable it by pressing "1" and "2" to turn it back on.

Q: The quests don't even make sense
A: Sure seems so but they actually do. While some are hidden behind lot's of strange humor, they are all based on issues i want to write in my future book. From politics to philosophy and esoterics.

That should pretty much be it. and now on how a game is made. People say that you should have all the plan, and ideas worked out - everything ready before you start making it. I don't work like that. All kinds of problems and changes arise as you make the game, and you need to adapt and make changes to make the game better.

So, from the drawings the cubes and religion flags were made. The layouts of the game started to get made and then, the whole economic and quest system (quest system interface being the hardest). Decided to make the entire strategy based on seconds. I guess its "real time". Every house you build gives you Gold per second. But every house needs it's resources per second. Of course to build every town center you need a number of houses build. And of course to make religions relevant, every religion (almost) has it's own buildings and quests.

Real events also play a part in the world of 422AC. A new Pope was crowned this year and guess what - you can actually play a part in this. And you can also play a part in the fall of the Roman empire.
Well i guess that's pretty much it. Everything in detail is in the game guide.

As for the buildings you haven't seen yet, let's look at TIER 3 and 4 buildings:

Shall we start from TIER 3?
> The only interesting thing we have in here is the obelisk of light - a masonic building. Masons are masters at sacred geometry and making buildings that can collect energy. Like the pyramid or the obelisk.

> Temple of the 52 names - A summerian building. The summerian religion in game is actually more influenced by the necronomicon.
> Moon shrine - The building will tell you one of the legends of the first vampire. Strange that vampire legends are in every religion and mythology.
> Tower of Babel - Obviously the most expensive building and the biggest wonder of the world.
> Tree of life - Actually a decorative tree, symbol of the tree of life.

Have a great day everyone. I always enjoy talking to fans or people who are interested on the subjects being covered in game.

You can always reach me on

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menrvagames wrote: So to all people who would like to see a demo, please come by in a day or two and see the official game play video on desura + the review of someone playing it. Lots of lulz are promised!

Playing yourself and just watching how others play... there's a huge difference.

Even "horrible" demos can be useful. Many old games had a couple of units/structures/weapons/whatever, were heavily limited (two missions etc), yet they were extremely playable and enjoyable despite all of their shortcomings.

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Well, i guess you are right. I am thinking about it now and it's not really that hard to make a demo.
So i will get to work tommorow and make a demo for you guys and a nice video.
Demo will include TIER1 only

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