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About Invidia 422AC - Chapter 2 - How it's made? Pt. 1 A story on how the idea comes into reality + link to the official PDF guide. Can't play the game without the guide!

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So how did actually did Invidia 422AC get created? Must be a wild story filled with adventure!

It all started a night in a Dun Laoghaire hotel in Dublin, Ireland. Rochestown Lodge. I wanted to create a city management game from the start. Something like Sim City in Medieval times with all the cool features that i never saw in other games. I had deep interest in esoteric, occultism and philosophy from years so a normal game wasn't enough for me. There was a bulgarian game called "Knights of honor" where i first saw a religion choice (only 3 sadly). So, i figured - use a time period when i can use all religions to create a real choice.

Enter 422 A.D.
Buddhism, Egyptian, Greek, Islam, Norse, Roman Catholicism, Wicca, Druidism, Goddess Worship, Shinto, Taoism, Eastern Orthodox, Gnostic, Jainism, Judaism, Hinduism, Satanism,
Sumerian, Witchcraft, Manichaeism, Norse Paganism, Confucianism

All making 22 Religions.

Now to answer a couple of questions:
- Hard to answer why norse and norse paganism are both in game. I think there is some difference so just forgive me.
- Goddess Worship - Religions where the feminine side is worshiped, worshiping goddesses obviously such as parts of Wicca, Druidism etc.
- No Voodoo Religion in the game. Very disappointing as i forgot to add that. Especially when a lot of people say that all magick actually comes from Voodoo.
- "Y NO SNAKE RELIGION?" Well you actually have your own Black cult in your city. It is a faction just like the stonemasons, the templars and the hospitaliers. The black cult are your "snake fellows" and their second building is the Snake pit, which grants you 10 Medicine per second.
- "Y NO zoroastrianism and old bulgarian religions?" I guess same as Voodoo, forgot about them.
- "Y Gnostic and Manichaeism?" Well i think they have their differences and i really like some of the views from Manichaeism.
- "Wicca is a new religion" Damn, you caught me. Just pretend it's Neo-Paganism i guess.

Okay, wow! One article won't be enough to explain everything but i still took the liberty of showing all the original drawings of the game and giving a link to the official PDF guide.
The PDF guide can be found at: Have a great day everyone! Templars gonna temp, Masons gonna maze.

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