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This time we will talk about bot in Battlefield 1

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Battlefield 1 Bot Mod

BF WalllPaper 1920x1080 v2 1

So, what's the plan?

Well, I think the most easier way to change some singleplayer map's script (*.sb? *.toc? *.cas?), change the script to that bots and players will be spwaned when it will be killed, and can record the scores (Battle Mode)

Rendition 2

Plan B?

Well, if this solution can't work, I will try to use some other ways

Rendition 3

When will it release?

It's hard to say, if every solution failed, it will never be released :( I hope this will not happen

If Plan A can work (change singleplayer's script), it will release very soon (just some map script)

If Plan A don't work, I will try to use dll-injection to do this thing, that maybe longer.

If Plan B don't work, the you guys only can wait for EA's update.

Rendition 1

See you on the battlefield!

rendition1 img 5


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Battlefield 1 Bot Mod

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