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It's been awhile, but Abatron is still here and we're working harder than ever to get the game finished and into your hands. Since it's been a bit since our last update, we've got quite a few things to cover. We've ported over to Unreal Engine 4, which has been tedious but exciting. We've also gotten to the point where we can start doing playtests among the team. These have become our favorite meetings, since we get to finally experience what we've all been working so hard to create. So onward!

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The Journey Continues...

Since porting to Unreal Engine 4, quite a bit has not only improved because of the engine, but because our team has simply grown in skill since you've last seen us. While the time it has taken to port everything over has been tedious, we are overall happy with how much the game has improved as a whole. Here are some samples of our updated units, plus a beautiful shot of our environment for the planet Nekros:
(more screenshots on our Website)

rocketbelly rts game fps shooter

thrasher rts game fps shooter mu

manalock rts game fps shooter mu

abatron firstperson shooter rts


Now that we've got updated units and a sweet playable map, we can finally begin doing playtests. With up to 8 different people playing at a time, things have gotten really interesting. Especially since we have different team members with different playstyle preferences. Some like to focus solely on RTS, or vice versa FPS. Others switch between the two freely. Not knowing exactly what might be coming your way certainly helps keep you on your toes, no matter which mode you're in. Here's a few shots we've managed to grab during the recent sessions:

shooter unreal ue4 thirdperson 1

rts indie game play 20

fps hybrid online multiplayer 2

rts indie game play 2

Stay Tuned!

If you've enjoyed this update and want to know more about Abatron, or simply want a more steady stream of news, then you're in luck! We have several different ways that you can keep up to date with everything Abatron. Here are our top picks!

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Thanks so much for reading and we will do another update soon!

GratisMan - - 34 comments

Wowonly in week created base game design and it's also looking like RTS style angled and doom inspired with other mass effect type games. Well congradulations for being talented and having greate team. ;)

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Abatron Author
Abatron - - 40 comments

Thanks so much for the kind words!

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Gn0meSlice - - 568 comments

Great news, I was afraid Abatron had been abandoned for good.

Is that screencap with the outlined structures representative of base construction? Is that a feature of the game (because awesome if it is!)

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Abatron Author
Abatron - - 40 comments

Thanks Gn0meSlice! Yes the outlined structure is part of the planned building we are doing. Your're able to plan parts of your base out without waiting for the money. We want to get the player back into the main part of the game asap. =)

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Gn0meSlice - - 568 comments

Oh, awesome, I *love* building that works that way. So you can preplan it and have it autocomplete while you play as you get resources? Will you be able to set priorities on structures, for which get built first?

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Abatron Author
Abatron - - 40 comments

Yes exactly. The current implementation is that it builds in your order you asked. You can select pieces to delete if needed. We are trying out some ideas for changing the priority such as click build next, or move up/down, and such..

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ArathHunter - - 227 comments

Oh gosh, glad I popped into moddb, this was a wonderful surprise!
Glad to see you guys are still around and this project is still up and running! Can't wait to see more!

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Abatron Author
Abatron - - 40 comments

Thanks ArathHunter! You'll definitely be seeing more of us from now on. :)

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