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Dawn of the Snake Age's official trailer has been released aside of two new gameplay videos! Also, the release date has been announced for 15-12-15.

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Download (v. 1.3.4)

You can get your copy of the game for free from our website download section. CLICK HERE!

Write an email to if you encounter any issue.

What is Dawn of the Snake Age?

It is a Sci Fi classic style Rpg characterized by a CTBS(Charge Time Battle System) that'll guarantee challenging battles against a rich variety of enemies.
Other important features of the game are Stealth actions and Puzzle solving.
DOSA will offer an over 20 hours long game experience, a vast inventory made of more than 200 weapons and armors, a large set of skills and about 150 different kinds of enemy.
Our aim is to recreate the atmosphere of the wonderful 90s RPGs we grew up with to bring a great genre of videogames back.


• Charge Time Battle System (CTBS)

The charge time battle system is characterized by a time loading bar that assigns turns once is full.
Then there are different category of skills and actions to be choosen, each depending on the class and level of the ally.
There are also special skills called Finals: when the Overdrive bar is fully loaded, the Final will be available for the use. Each character has his own type of Final, each one with a different effect but still devastating!

• Stealth Actions and Puzzle Solving

Sometimes you will be free to choose the way to approach the situation: you may either decide to keep a low profile and avoid the enemies or choose to be destructive and take on anyone standing by your way!


"The Seventh One is born, his name is Kundal'n. Symbol of the intergalactical federation of the UNU (UNified Universe), he is the next step in the evolution of the great Nephtys race, inhabitants of Naanac. Yeev, the Renegade, enemy of the Nephtys and the Unu, walked with his army on the capital city of Naanac, Skole, to kidnap the newborn and get advantage of him for an unknown project. The thruth about Yeev's plan is hidden and terrible at the same time: it is the end of the Galath Age and the Dawn of the Snake Age."
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