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BETA 2 will be an era mod, since I don't have to suffer my hard drive making more maps... But I will still make more maps in the future! BETA 2 will have new units and heroes!

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Battlefront Light Speed BETA 2 Sneak Peak!!!This update will be better than the last one (because the last one was 800mb) I will make this an era mod so I don't have to suffer my hard drive (rip) I will add more units and heroes in this update from 2 Star Wars Series and 1 Star Wars Game: Star Wars: The Clone Wars, The Mandalorian and Force Unleashed!

Let's start with the CHILD in "The Mandalorian" series, GROGU! (aka Baby Yoda.. lol) thanks to Alfking49 for this! Grogu's abilities are astonishing! he has Lightning powers (just like Palpatine), Force Push and Force Choke! Cool, right?

Grogu The Child

Now for the second one, COMMANDER FOX! coming with a new style! he has an epic support for his teammates using a call from space, what I mean he has an Orbital Strike support which will take 6 rounds to finish! it will annihilate large groups of enemies!

Commander Fox

Ok so the next one is............. COMMANDER WOLFE! ah yes, my favorite.. He has the same ability with Commander Fox!

Commander Wolfe

Oh now this is getting interesting.. I introduce you to........... GALEN MAREK (aka Starkiller) he has epic abilities such as Force Lightning! (just like Grogu and Palpatine)


And this is what I'm waiting for.... AHSOKA TANO! hell yeah! thanks to Teancum for this! Ahsoka has special light saber techniques that no clanka will dodge this! (stupid clankas)

Ahsoka Tano

Last but not least........... BOSSK! ah yes, this bromance.. Bossk has a grenade launcher similar to Republic/Imperial Commandos, it will destroy everything in its way!

Boba and Bossk


  • Teancum
  • lpmaster1996
  • Commander Keller
  • giftheck
  • Maveritchell
  • the_legend

Thanks to these guys for making this possible!

I am going to add Captain Rex when I release this update and some new heroes!

NoNova Author

To anyone who's viewing this, you can recommend me some heroes that you want to add in this mod! (if your recommendation is interesting..)

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This looking really good

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Very Nice!

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