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A set date for 0.6 release (finally!) and a glimpse into bugfixing practice...

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This week I have been getting about six hours sleep a night (I’m an eight-hour person normally) and working like mad to both finish my doctorate, move house, and try to get 0.6 released. I’ve only been able to devote a single day to 0.6 whilst I was waiting for feedback on a chapter, but I managed to get a ton done. I don’t normally post long reports of bug fixes – though I will in future gameplay releases to denote balance changes and additions/removals and the like – but for this week’s entry I thought I’d put up a list of everything fixed this week. Some of these terms may be cryptic, but this is a direct copy-and-paste from my list. Obviously most days this update log is generally focused on what I’ve coded each week rather than how I’ve coded it, but I thought a little look into one of the URR text files that helps me keep track of everything might be amusing. Some are descriptions of the issue, some are descriptions of the solution, whilst others are just reminders to me, but here’s how I write the bugs that need fixing. In the mean time I’m aiming to release 0.6 on the 13th of December, assuming we actually have internet set up at the new place by then – if not, it’ll be a holiday present on the 19th!

Mark wrote: Shops cannot spawn in one-religion exclusion places
Lakes cannot end in cities
Prechoose military stuff
Force a gate next to a market if possible
Redo markets
Force a gate by a graveyard, IF they can path to a road
Floodfill from graveyards, ensure you can access them!
Place special combat NPCs, one per fortress no matter what
Cannot exclude desert if desert, water if colonies? (religion!)
When adding extra embassies, lines to other capitals, choose closest
Tundra/ice plants are lighter
Shops in towns are fixed beforehand, markets gen right
Towns are not spaced well enough in world gen
Lava on town doors
CROSS + ROADS AND DOORS (+ road on map, doesn't align with gates)
River markets
River religious
River centres
*ONE DOOR* manor house, save 1
Some weird shit with torches, walls...
No infinite district knowledge, no 'S', no prints
Dead family, not always ornate
Stick can be placed on water... (no sticks)
Some one-road towns are tiny
Graveyards, gates, like road teats
STILL the bloody shift bug when i press space bar
Travel through cities is showing thre X
Roads are slighlty going over city wall corners in farms
Coast, delta ocean is too high!! IT's not going down the HILL!
Lookups for catapults
Flags of nomads double-size
Some issue in military with a large parade ground???
Tried to enter mil district, loading issue (because i'd S before?)
Viewing gate bricks are on your level
Darken ice
Loading ontop of city causes loading failure
Finding entrance door MUST be a gate, and height z level
Sometimes wall blurs bottom/top, sometimes not
Space & Tab whilst in city brings up wrong thing
Those tiny edge fronds of road on city centers
Saved next to city, moved, was able to break through wall?
The blue from city roads doesn't vanish on the left when you travel
Roof of uilding in town only 2 over highest terrain, walked up!
Going south into centre failed to find an entrace
Officer flags
Double doors vary based on which SIDE of the building they are on (vert only)
No door on barracks special?
Snowtrees, plants in tundra/ice for cities... (centers only?)
City, travel, tab, @ and X
Right side of stable door on bottom,no doorpicture (hard to recreate...)
Archery targets (should be like trees)
Catapults (should be like trees)
A corner wall when otuside a city and corners should be city tower (failed)
Cannot move into docks/castles *on foot*
Move into district via travel, then diag, then enter, places you corner
Barley colour
Rye colour/lookup don't really match
Graveyard, remove some ice near the core, add snow within walls + frozen soil?
Upper class gates
Moving diagonally into non-city tile will spawn you on wall edge
Plants are "on top" of trees on farms, odd
If a graveyard, limit up/down hills around graveyard on map grid
WE ARE HISTORY (ignore for now?)
Shrine issue
Print_Districts, "you are currently in" vs "this is a"; foreigner detail
Serious relig issue .png
Roads in religious districts reset to the proper height going through walls
Embassy gate
Military gate
Archery lookup
All signs for courts/galleries/etc
Correct door wood
Single water edge, city, save 9
Pgup On player lookuyp 1/4 goes to blank when 'l' at player
Lookup message does not repeat
Wheat doesn't show
Block off docks
This is not a courtroom, it only PRETENDS

I will attempt to access the internet on the 6th via mobile and have an entry already written, so hopefully we won’t go a week without a post, though it might be a very short one. We’ll have to see what I have the time to throw together. We’re so damned close to full-time development it’s agonizing, but thank you all for sticking with me through the past couple of months (I know I’ve been saying this a lot recently but I mean it, and my PhD has dragged on beyond all sanity) and the slow development pace I’ve been forced into. The places URR will go in 2015 will be amazing. In the mean time, you can keep up to date on my devlog, Facebook page, orTwitter!


Oh... I have thought like forever that this wasn't even a real thing since there were no download links nor any gameplay videos.
I have been watching this for at least a year or so...
You really should mention that fact that you can download the game somewhere, maybe put up something in the download-section.

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