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What EG has been doing over the past few months...

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Over the past few months, we haven't really been active on our pages here, but we'd like to make a quick announcement about what's to come. If you didn't know, EG has actually been working on a brand new title for Desura, that will be released probably sometime this year, if we're lucky. Without further ado, here's our latest, and first ever project.

Name: Zombert the Zombie
Developer: ElectronGames
Engine: GameMaker 8.1
Genre: Adventure/Shooter
Release Date: TBA
Final Price: $3-8

Summary: In ZtZ, you play as Zombert, the friendly and childish monster, who nobody really likes because, well, he's a zombie. Nobody ever liked him, for they never seen his true character; they thought all he was, was a greedy pest. All of the other monsters called him names and bullied Zombert. Only his true friend, MR. Frog, knows what it's like not to be loved. MR. Frog had never trusted anyone other than Zombert, as he'd always expected them to squash him if they weren't careful, so Zombert kept him hidden. Zombert shares everything with MR. Frog, and so does MR. Frog share everything with Zombert. They'll always be pals, even if MR. Frog is made of petty plush and cotton. But aside from that, Zombert only has one goal in life (besides eating brains). His goal is to win the heart of the fair Princess. The Princess is the most beautiful girl in all of the land, and she lives only a mile away from Zombert's grave, on the tall mountainside of in the purple and turquoise tower. Only Zombert has never spoken one word to her; nor has he ever shown himself in her presence. Therefore he only spies on her, for his love is too strong to be kept away. He watches her every morning when she comes out to the gardens to skip and play, and he watches her every sunset when she goes off to the beach. She's always there, right on time, every day. And so is Zombert, whether hiding behind rocks, underneath a bush, or watching through a telescope from the cliff over the sea. And this is how it would always be.

Story Starts... One evening, Zombert sat along his usual spot; overhead on the cliff side, inside the small cavern, watching down below at the mighty waves crashing across the beach, with his telescope. And of course, with MR. Frog by his side. And then the time came: the Princess had came from her castle and walked out to the beach, where she would sit and dream as she watched the tide roll in. Zombert sat minute by minute, to watch her beautiful hair flow in the wind. Only something peculiar had happened today, a mysterious character had shown up along the shoreline from out of nowhere. This odd fellow was none other than ODD, an evil and unfriendly monster who had never shown his actual face to anyone in the land before. Instead he wore a mysterious ebony mask, and suit of gray spandex, as he'd thought it made his figure tight 'for the ladies'. ODD, of course, was up to no good, as he'd walked silently up to the Princess and surprised her with a dozen roses. Zombert shook in horror; how could ODD have done this? ODD couldn't just steal his true love from right underneath his nose; but Zombert could only sit and watch. Thankfully, the Princess rejected him, because of the way he'd treated all of the other monsters in the land; he wasn't a gentlemonster indeed. ODD, frustrated and angry, stomped into the sand with fury. ODD wouldn't let this happen, he'd always loved the Princess too. ODD quickly responded, not taking no for an answer. The Princess still rejected him though, for she could never love ODD; he wasn't anywhere near her true knight in shining armor. ODD just couldn't take it; if he couldn't have the Princess, nobody would ever have her. He quickly grabbed the Princess and began running away. Zombert watched in disbelief. He looked at MR. Frog, in shock, he to was scared. ODD had just kidnapped the Princess! Zombert knew his only chance of ever meeting the Princess, meant he had to get her back! He knew it was his destiny to capture ODD and save the Princess! Thus Zombert started his journey to ODD, and the path of destruction he made...

Remember, this is just the basic story- sure it's generic so far, but there will be many twists in the plot that will make it unique later on.

Screenshots (50% shrink):

The game is under heavy development at the moment, and as a one man team, I actually have a lot to show for the time spent being unactive. I've already conjured up dozens of sprites, and the engine for the game is pretty much fixed up to the point where only the real story objects are needed in the game. I would like the campaign experience to average about 6 hours of playtime or more when the full product is released. Though this kind of production could take a couple extra months for that, but I'm sure it would be well worth it. I'm hoping to sell the final game for about $3-8 a copy via Desura, so we'll have to see how it turns out. And finally, we also have a new website for the EG team is under development, so watch for that soon too! Thanks for reading!

~ Zack H.

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