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So tomorrow is release date, and i have a question to you guys...

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.... so do you want me to release tomorrow... then you have just a few features, nothing very spectacular, or do you want to wait, then you will have much more features...
For example extended KIFT controls, so you can steer KIFT even if your not in the car,
you can lock doors etc.
And i have two new concepts for the hydroplane mode, but i have to code & test them...
So you have to decide what you want...


i say you shall cut it to half.
remove some features and release it.
in the next release you put the latest features.
so people will have to wait for something
at this release,leave only the basics

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I say Just wait people shouldn't push you to get the mod done take your Time. You cant rush and make the mod you might mess up on stuff so just slow down

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