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A new week and a new report with new info. This time with an explanation on some necessary aspects importants to be ready for the launch of the Chapter 1, there's also some fanart...

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Weekly Report #8

This week I bring you some important explained aspects of the game because we're getting closer to the chapter 1 release and so we think this are a must to know about.

Control Scheme

A Punishment for Mai is keyboard controlled. Here is a list:

In Map

  • ← ↑ → ↓ - Move the character through the maps.
  • W - Change the playable character when the 2 mains are together.
  • Q - Open the Menu.
  • A - Use the Shield when equipped.
  • S - Use the equipped item if there is any.
  • D - Use the equipped Skill if there is any and there's enough MN.
  • Z - Attack/Shot, Examine, Select, Pick up and Throw.
  • X - Cancel.
  • SHIFT - Sprint, Aim.
  • CTRL - Turn the Flashlight ON/OFF.
  • ALT - Pause the game.
  • F5 - Turn the Fullscreen ON/OFF.
  • F6 - Change the Screen Aspect Ratio.

In Menu

  • ← ↑ → ↓ - Select item, skill or option.
  • W - Change the menu section (page).
  • Q - Change the menu section (page).
  • Z - Equip the selected Equipment in its slot or accept the selected option.
  • X - Exit the menu or Cancel.
  • F5 - Turn the Fullscreen ON/OFF.
  • F6 - Change the Screen Aspect Ratio.

Worth mentioning that while RPG Maker VX Ace has some basic support for joysticks, it can't be used here in its totality due to the extended use of the keyboard for the game systems.


Through our adventure we'll find many times facing this strange statue.


This 'figure' is the Savepoint. Getting closer to it will get you warned (!) as it was explained in a past report. Interacting with it will get all of your character's HP recovered. Keep in mind that the MN won't recover this way (MN can only be recovered with enemie's blood or in some important story points).

Finally the Savescreen will open up. You'll have to select a slot and then press the Z key for your progress to be saved.


You'll get back to the game once the game is saved.

Shop & Money

A Punishment for Mai's currency is called Sanguis and is basically just solidified blood from enemies they left when defeated.

The Sanguis are a scarce commodity, just like the places to spend it.

To buy items or ammo you have to talk to The Driver. He will give you the chance to 'spend' your Sanguis in his Shop. There's also a shop available at the end of the chapter.


The items and ammo availables will change depending on the chapter you are.


This is a list of parameters, their abbreviations and their influence on the characters:

  • HealPoints - HP - This is the character's resistance, when it reaches 0, the character dies.
  • Mana - MN - Required points in order to use skills. Requirement changes based on the skill.
  • Physical Attack - PA - Affects the damage inflicted with physical attacks.
  • Physical Defense - PD - Affects the damage received from physical attacks.
  • Magical attack - MA - Affects the damage inflicted with magical attacks.
  • Magical Defense - MD - Affects the damage received from magical attacks.
  • Agility - AG - Affects the ability to dodge attacks and the use of firearms.
  • Luck - LU - Affects the chances of receiving items from enemies and red boxes.
  • Ability points - AP - Needed to improve the parameters or learn skills in the White Room.


The Shield is the only protection the characters from A Punishment for Mai will can count with. And you have to be carefull to find it because there's only one chance to get it during the chapter 1.

With the shield in your inventory, just equip it from the menu (Q key).

Once equipped with it you'll be able to defend yourself while pressing the A key.

Defending yourself with the shield will prevent you from taking some damage and it even can reflect some kind of skills.

So don't lose it!

Weapon Types

All the weapons from the game are organized by types.

The enemies that populate the game have a number of strengths and weaknesses to these types of weapon that must be taken into account when fighting them, to equip the proper weapon.

These are the different types:

  • Stabbing weapon (Example: Bow)
  • Physical weapon (Example: Gloves)
  • Firearm weapon (Example: Handgun)
  • Blunt weapon (Example: Baseball Bat)
  • Shear weapon (Example: Knife)


And to wrap up this report, just like it's usual, a new Fanart for everyone. This time there is only one. It's a shame but anyway we're still happy to get new fanart every now and then. Not everyone have the luck to get a fanart for almost every report. Thank you qu1nt3r0:


Well, all this said, time to say goodbye and ask you to stay tuned for the incoming news and hopefully the announcement of the Release Date for the Chapter 1.

Goodbye until next time.

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