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Puzzle Quest will have a hint of Roguelike in it's main game mode. Don't worry though, this won't change the gameplay much.

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This is only a small update of a upcomming feature, but if you're into roguelikes, you'll enjoy it.

New World Map

The world map has been redesigned to work in a completely different way. The world map will now be tile based, and randomly generated on each play. Additionally, most tiles will have an encounter, be it a shop, a battle or maybe a quest.

The player will progress by killing random characters will spawn across the map. These characters be related to the story and are given a basic AI that will either roam, stand still or hunt the player. The player can take the time to explore the map but, the more time he will spend, the more chance there will be of a random encounter.

Stay tuned for the next update!

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