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A nostalgic look back into this mod....................

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Wow its now 2022 and lately I been rediscovering many classic games that I used to play as a teenager back in my high school days. Running across the mods that I used to make really hit me hard in the nostalgic area seeing that I made these mods and spent countless afternoons as a 14/15 year old after school combining mods and making sure they work together to make an experience that I can share with everyone who was still enjoying the original Mafia game back in the early 2010's. Now being 23, almost 24, and seeing the work I did back when I was 14 marvels my current self almost 10 years later. I am also very happy that there are still a handful of people still giving my Conversion mod a download and Mafia itself is about to be 20 years old this year!!!!!!!!!!!!! I remember I stopped developing the mod further since I got caught up in high school activates and going out more instead of spending endless afternoons in front of a computer screen. I remember as well saving up my weekly allowance to build myself a entry-level PC as a 14 year old lol, a far cry from the high-end PC I currently have working as an adult after university. I can only imagine how much more polish the mod may have been if I kept working on it and fixing the few bugs that still happened. If anyone has polished out the mod further and would like to share please contact me! I wonder if Modb will allow me to open up the mod to allow anyone to upload their version without having to contact me? Anyways special thanks to everyone who has enjoyed my conversion mod and those in the future who will enjoy this mod!

-Dr.EvilTag of 2022

Update!!!!! I opened up the download section to allow anyone who polished out my mod further to go ahead and upload their creation!

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