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Next week will be the release of the 2.0 version! Here's some new things that were added and let's talk about the project itself.

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If you haven't watched yet, here's the new trailer:


New bloody animations

In the last few days, I took some time off to make some new bloody animations for the aliens dismemberment (it happens when you use the Laser Chainsaw on them). Take a quick look:

duke0096 1duke0097duke0066duke0064


duke0072duke0082 1




duke0095 1

The Laser Chainsaw is the only weapon that can trigger these new animations, just get close and chop'em like fruits, or meat, or whatever you want. AND the best thing of all, you are eward when using this weapon, after they die, they spawn armor, health (Cola) and ammunition for your weapons, this is pretty important in "See You in Hell" skill and the 4th episode, the gameplay strategy here is a totally new thing (similar to Doom Eternal).

And, of course, what about shooting a RPG rocket straigth thourgh a Commander?

duke0089duke0090 1

The screenshots above are not upscaled yet, but they will (just remembering that uspcalling is not mandatory, you can disable it if you want to).


A new experience

By default, all builds of the game (except the Android ones) will start in Polymost, you can change back to software if you want, you can disable the upscaled textures, disable the voxels, the game hints, the automatic pistol, the bob effect when kicking and EVEN the new recoil system, customize the game the way you want, the way you need.

The game will be packed with a adapted version of Mapster32 (both 64 and 32-bit versions), and, if you don't like upscalling as well, you'll have the option to download a version of the mod that comes with only the necessary (the title card upscalling and voxels).

OBS: the Complete Version of Legacy Edition includes the Upscale Pack by PHREDREEKE and the Voxel Pack by REAPERMAN & Community. The Legacy Edition own sprites and voxels were the only ones made by me, so please if you wish to use these assets, read their licenses and credit the authors before anything.


Stay tuned, May 19th, The King is back!


CheezeCrostata - - 359 comments

Ewwww, Doom Eternal. :!

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marcolino123 Author
marcolino123 - - 113 comments

I SAID SIMILAR!!! hahahahahaha

Oh come on, Doom Eternal is a great game, one of the best of the last few years!!

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Muleke_Trairao - - 254 comments

Exactly. DOOM Eternal kicks ***!

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