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The setting of Zombie Swarm has now been changed to something a little more original, and the art direction will be amended accordingly to coincide with this change.

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Taking inspiration from an image that was posted Imgur about zombie-fighting 1950s housewives, I have decided to take the Zombie Swarm project in a new direction.

In essence, Zombie Swarm will now follow the story of four 1950s women as they try to survive in a world where a bizzare nuclear testing incident has turned all of the men in society into zombies. The game is going to be a gut-bursting comedy which plays on various stereotypes of the first half of the 20th century, including drop-out jocks, godfather style mafioso, gentleman's club singers, bunny boilers, hyped-up feminists, chauvanists and the government of the era.

The story of the game is still taking shape, but it's coming together much faster than I had initially anticipated. I've found that the change in setting has helped me to really break out of the rut that I've been stuck in for some time with Zombie Swarm. For a while, I've found it very difficult to think of what sort of story I want to tell, or what sort of events or styles I want to include to give the mod a bit of an original identity. If I had simply proceeded as I was doing, Zombie Swarm would be little more than a lacklustre top-down Left-4-dead game with very little to set it apart and knowing this has made me somewhat unambitious and unmotivated, knowing that my project, in spite of all my work, has nothing to make it unique or special. However, with this change in setting and style, I feel that I can now really make a game with it's own individual identity and character, which has helped to motivate me to no end.

I'm still very much learning when it comes to the source engine, but I have a loose network of acquintances and friends whom I have been able to turn to when I need advice or need someone to bounce ideas off of. Overall, things are looking good for Zombie Swarm at the moment.

Some of you will also no doubt have noticed that Faceless, (Formerly known as Slender: Source, The Operator or Der Ritter) the Slenderman-inspired mod that is still sitting high on the Steam Greenlight projects list, has resumed development after a long hiatus. I am still on the Faceless development team, and am still churning out content for that project at a timely rate. I recently finished a lovely subway car model that I think might really turn some heads when the mod goes public. I just thought that I should mention that although I'm working on Zombie Swarm, I'm still involved with the Faceless project. Zombie Swarm has been my pet side-project for quite some time, and I will continue to treat it as such whilst working on Faceless.

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I like new idea of game,please dont add stupid boss like giant spider (residen tevil) etc...

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