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A new demo for Worlds just got released! Also contains a gameplay video showcasing the stealth and combat mechanics of the game.

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Hey, it's been a while! Two years already... Wow.

I recently played through the demo actually on the official website and realized that it hasn't aged well... It was released 3 years ago, and a lot of things have changed since then. Therefore, a new demo is now available!

This new demo includes 3 of the main missions of the game (the 1st, 6th and 12th ones) on 3 different worlds, and the first 3 training missions. It is a huge demo with a lot of things to do, missions you can play in different ways, secrets... It will take you a few hours if you're willing to see everything.

And if you're wondering what it looks like, here is a gameplay video of one of the missions in the demo:

Don't hesitate to bring some feedback, and to share this demo around; the game isn't mentioned that much, so a little help would be more than welcome!

Have fun!


OH **** OH ****

I was afraid you had given up!
Keep up the excellent work!!!

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Your game deserves a lot more attention, man.
Here are some pointers I hope might be helpful:

1.Advertise! Make a tumblr, a twitter and a TIGSource thread dedicated to your game, post on reddit and 4chan, contact game journalists.
You don't have to spread your personal life on the web, just make sure to post small development updates now and then and answer some fan questions.

2.Change the name of the game, or add a subtitle! It is completely impossible to google your game at the moment, because "worlds" is such an extremely over-used word in all matter of contexts.

Very much looking forward to the final release.
Good luck!

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Mayto Author

Hey, thanks for your nice comments on the game :)
I'm doing my best to try to advertise, but it's really hard (there are LOTS of indie games these days). I do have a Twitter account (which is linked to my profile), but things like reddit or TIGSource seem highly saturated :/

And yeah, I know that it really isn't the best name for google... But I got used to it, and as the game is going to be released in a few months I'm not sure that it would be a good idea to change it now. I guess I should have changed it a long time ago!

Anyway, thanks for your advice, these are mistakes I'm not going to make for the next one (especially the name part) :)

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