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Sometimes the world is just too quiet - add some sound!

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We posted the new KFK Theme song the other day, and people seemed to like it. At least, they kicked us less than usual, which felt more better.

So today I am posting another piece, again by Cleveland Bledsoe Jr. But this time it's an ambient piece! What's an ambient piece you say (or rather, what would that make a non-ambient piece)? Well, you can head over to our blog to read the neat (small) post I made on how music is going to work in KFK.

In the meantime, enjoy! Let me know what you think.


Thnx for the post on the music in game. The ambient is good and gets better halfway in. But I thought you would rather mix the two sounds together than pause one and have the other play. Maybe it would not work well like that anyway.

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GorillaOne Author

Thanks for another comment Anni,

Because there are multiple ambient and combat pieces, it would be impossible for us to program it so that they would be mixed into each other in a way that sounds good. Instead, we will simply fade one out, and fade the other in.


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Wow! Immersive! Great track, I just had to close my eyes and I felt like I was elsewhere :P.

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