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this is a more extensive build to another section of history im doing hope you enjoy.

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The forgotten gates

Legends buried deep within the Sith archives speak of 4
gates that link to what is only named as major catalyst universes, which
without everything would collapse, these gates are rumoured to be opened once
every 1,000 years by excess cosmic energies, and debatably the force, and these
gates lead to our universe 2 others and the mantel of creation also rumoured to
be the origin of the force, this philosophy has long been dismissed as long
winded wives tales twisted over the years but by chance a class 3 scout ship,
long range fighter/courier class, fell through one of these gates and fell into
the mantel of creation while emitting a high frequency pulse charge, for local
authorities to identify and track the ship, this is one of the biggest mistakes
in history as the route to the mantel was plotted on a star chart and transmitted
to the Rakata temple on Rakata prime, although
the chart took ten years to be received this set off a chain of events that
brought about the wars on the galactic scale.When the information was looked at
by the Rakata council many realised that this could be the most dangerous piece
of data ever to exist, if indeed the legends of the mantel were true the
already powerful Rakata masters would gain limitless power even worse any wrong
minor doer could get the power to make all universes bow down before them,
sensing that this information was too valuable to remain in anyone’s hands the
council agreed to destroy the data, however some of those in the order
disagreed and decreed it was their birth right to have access to the mantel and
so after much debate leading to no apparent answer in sight 12 beings abandoned
their planet in search of the mantel , these unknown Rakata searched for 40
years for the gates without success, finally settling on the planet Korriban
these 12 vowed never to go back to the order they made their homes in the caves
of Korriban, as yet untainted Korriban remained a fairly nice place to live,
with red mountains and a few indigenous species and lakes it supported the 12.

12 years passed as time went on lust for the mantel steadily ate away at their minds until they went totally insane, the 12 grew into something more terrifying than anything that existed, they each renewed their search for the mantel chasing any slip of a rumour and killed all who stood in
their way even those who aided them, eventually after following countless
rumour they eventually leaded themselves to Byss one of the inner most planets
of the galaxy, once their they confronted an entity who claimed to have been to
forge itself although completely insane they could sense the power this being
had and demanded that it told them where the gate to the mantel was, enraged by
their arrogance the entity lashed out with an incredible force blast which
knocked the 12 to their knees begging for mercy, not totally insane itself the
entity allowed them to return to their feet, a mistake, the 12 lashed out with
the force which even with entity as powerful as it was could not withstand the combined hatred they felt towards it, the entity fell to the ground as a humanoid form though with
alterations the entity seemed almost like it was the embodiment of the darkness
within the 12, shocked by the appearance of the entity the 12 realised what
they had become, they demanded they location of the gate to the mantel, all the
entity did was draw runes on the ground, the 12 watched as these strange
markings bare light in the ground, after the entity stopped the was an extreme flash of light, when they looked back the markings became understandable to them, reading the runes they
said the gate shall find you and break everything you hold dear. Sensing danger
the 12 ran, while the entity dissipated a darkness fell over Byss, the 12 felt
that the darkness was not of the natural weather and so sensing the danger to come
the 12 set course for Rakata Prime, the home long since they abandoned. Once
the 12 reached Rakata Prime there was a vast dark vortex nearing the planet,
the 12 sensed the raw power even as the inner vortex was still over a
light-year away, once the 12 had landed on Rakata Prime there was utter chaos,
most Rakata already stared deep into the vortex and so went completely insane,
already insane themselves the 12 were unaffected by the vortex’s gaze, the 12
rushed to the temple of the ancients to see if there was any way to reach the
vortex to gain the power they had long sought, while the vortex reached ever
closer the inhabitants of the planet started to become steadily more dark no
longer drawing their power from the force in general they began to draw only
for pain and anger and fear in the force and so corrupting themselves and all
they touched. As the 12 reached the highest point of the temple the vortex was
completely upon the planet draining all energy out of the life of the planet,
the 12 used the force to gain the attention of the vortex’s gaze, the vortex
began to suck the 12 into the heart of the vortex, the 12 felt their power
growing every inch they got closer the vortex, the 12 disappeared in the heart
of the vortex, the vortex disappeared and the appearance of the planet and it’s
inhabitents returned to normal but the vortex did not release its hold from the
Rakata they are destined to forever draw their power from the dark side of the
It is unknown whether the 12 ever found the power they craved or whether
the power destroyed them.The greatest achievement from there on was the Star
Forge, the ultimate tool of the dark side.And the rest... you know spoilers and
all that.Hope you found the little shred of history very revealing into the
origins of the dark Rakata.

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Great Job Darthmalgus

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