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I call it remastered version. Please read text below and post your views about it.

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This is my first time to write an article about AOD, and will tell you something interesting enough.

Long time after Theta version been released, more and more flaws has been discovered by our dear users. I admit that most of their complaints are right:

Lacking upgrade tech for units

Unable to play multiply games

Artworks for some units are really bad

Too few units and civs.

Yes, these are what I'm also displeased of, and then I set a plan to solve them. After months working on it, I think it's the time to show you what I've done during such a long time and, of course, get some useful responses.

These are what I have done so far:

1.Remastered almost all units textures, making them look far better than before, especially some Polish and Korean units.


2.Remastered half of the textures and systems for buildings, and there are still half of them need to be remake to make them more "historical" for renaissance and discovering period. It means some too "modern" buildings like factories and railroad stations won't appear any more. Some old buildings will get its new use and some buildings will be added to the game, for examples, forts for Asians and Diplomat Centers for some sovereign civs (like Germans), allowing them to recruit units from their vassals.

3.Add more selectable tech for players, so there will be more ways too choose when playing games as a certain faction.

That's not all, there are more to be done to make this "old" mod for an "old" game more up-to-date. Please follow our mod and see what's the next step.


Thank you for all your work. I did not played your mod very much, but I can say one thing : Prussian Officer corps need to be nerfed :)

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Huanglukuzhu Author

Prussians has gone... yes, there was no Prussians in renaissance era

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Please add AI selection like NE and WOL did if you can, and please consult or ask us if you have a trouble with naming :D

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is there any difference between Age of dynasties and age of dynasties remake i mean more troops, buildings, factions?

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Thank you for all your work i play this mod in the day and it is just amazing
I would like to download it if possible???

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