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A short and quick update on Kitty's status and the current situation I am in.

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Unfortunately, I have some bad news in regards to the development status of Kitty. Due to circumstances and the age of my laptop, my internal charging component has just broke recently and my laptop has no way of charging itself (My laptop ran out of battery as well). However, I still have Kitty's project file backed up on an external hard drive and I am still able to work on it on other computers. So the game is NOT cancelled. Without having my own laptop though, I cannot work for long periods of time on Kitty. So having no real work done I have no actual updates on the progress of Kitty. This should explain my month absence from IndieDB.

A terrible time for my laptop to break indeed, I have just finished my second semester of College and I have all the free time in the world. Free time I was going to devote to Kitty but now that I am out of luck that is going to have to wait. No worries though, I have found a rather pricey alternative to fix my computer and once it is fixed I will jump back into production and start posting updates. Until then, do not expect any updates on Kitty.

So please stay tuned and please and don't lose hope!!! :)


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