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Post-release activity is continuing on this mod, because of SteamPipe and other factors.

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Okay, I have decided that the next release will ship with some "advanced chambers". I have already made Advanced Chamber 13, but I think it may need more reworking to actually deserve that title. Other likely candidates are Chamber 10 (with a missing room in the normal version) and Chamber 17.

Speaking of Chamber 13, I discovered a silly bug in the current non-advanced version - there is no kill or fizzle trigger in the acid. I have a feeling that I accidentally deleted them in making version 1.1, as opposed to never having them there.

Aside from this, there has been other feedback on this site since the last release, which I will do my best to address in the next one.

SteamPipe is, of course, a major change for modders. I just realised today that the SteamPipe update breaks the GCF-reliant "port_portal1" step in the installation for this mod. I apologise to anyone who tried it and failed, resulting in broken textures/models. This patch is now available - place it in your mod folder and run it if you find that the "portal" directory in it contains only an empty "sound" subdirectory.

This whole SteamPipe thing is definitely taking longer than I hoped. Rest assured, as soon as Portal 2 is updated, Aperture Ireland 2.0 will be released, with no "porting" (or any other weird installation steps for that matter), no Source Filmmaker requirement and GNU/Linux support!

At this point, because it is taking Valve so long, I think I'll release a version 1.2 first, with the advanced chambers and patched porting script.

Until then, good day and good mental health!

minecraftircmod - - 12 comments

portal 2 won't update to steampipe: steampipe was made at 2010, and it is the vpk(source) and wad(goldsource) formats, portal 2 was made with steampipe, steampipe was made to save more disk space than the old formats(gcf for source and pak for goldsource)

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PluMGMK Author
PluMGMK - - 45 comments

As far as I know, Portal 2 can't read the newest VPKs, so I need to wait for an update that fixes that. Also, the gameinfo syntax is different from that of the newest Source-Engine SteamPipe games. I think it's reasonable to believe that the reason for the delay in a GNU/Linux version is that these updates are being done.

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