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David here[ aka Szczekus ]. I`m writing this news today to share some information with you guys. It`s a lot of text, but don`t be a pu**ssy[ :P ] and read it!

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Hello everyone!

The first thing would be that we`re still working on Killing Time. We are and we will work on it until it`s 100% ready. If that would change, you`re going to be informed about that, don`t worry. So, the mod isn`t dead until that fact is officially announced ;] .

Next thing... I have a favor to ask for all of you who comes by from time to time here. We were...sry we ARE always excited about the number of views that our mod`s page or separate pictures get, but please, it doesn`t matter if you like what you see or not, let us know by leaving a comment! Especially if there`s something wrong, specify what do you think is wrong and leave a comment. The same goes for if there`s something that you like. Tell us, so we`ll know and make more of it.
I won`t go into detail here because it`s not necessary, everyone knows how it works :) .

-possitive comments gives us the strength and motivation to continue
-constructive criticism gives us the mobilization to improve and make the mod even better

This applies to everything, so post comments! Every one counts and is important to us!

Now let`s get to the point of this news and leave my personal "things" from above aside.

Currently we`re looking for music artists and shader coders!

Regarding music artists:
- for now it`s all about ambient music for the maps and also special moments[ creepy, fast action ect. you get the point ]
- if you`re interested or want just more info, just send me a PM [with some sample tracks if you already have them], then we`ll see :)

Regarding shader coders:
That`s a very deep topic, but also the most important. The power of the shaders could make FC look like you know how important that position is. I don`t know anything myself about shaders so it`s hard for me to give you any more info about the shader system in FC. The most important changes that would have to be made would be:
- vegetation shaders
- water shaders
- all the other shaders in FC since they all suck...sad but true. You can`t imagine how much level designers are limited because of ugly shadows ect.

That`s it! Thank you for lasting that long until the end.
Now I should reward you with some extra information about the mod, but I can`t think of any since it`s after 2.a.m. here and I can barely keep my eyes open.

Until next time[ hopefully with an update]! :D

Conchobhar - - 460 comments

I like it!

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Szczekus Author
Szczekus - - 380 comments

I`ve found a few music artists. Now our soundtrack should grow a bit :D

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