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A little bit of the progress I've been making and reasons for not regular updates.

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Hey guys!

It's been a long time since i updated the news section about my Campaign. I'm sorry If you guys haven't been able to see any new updates and all, since I had went away for a 2 month vacation with my family, and was modelling a prop on a friends request.

From now on I can assure you that updates will hopefully be taking place 4-5 days. Hang tight till the campaign comes out ;).

Oh, and one more thing, Since you're waiting for this campaign, why don't you look at the suicide maps I've published?

You can find them in the DOWNLOADS section of my Moddb page.


I hope you've been looking up on the weapons i've been working on. I hope you like the result. But I'm in need of a 2d Texture artist who can help me with these textures. Right now, I have yet to introduce 4 new weapons in my campaign, which can't be due to my in-experience regarding Texturing.

I Shall be highly obliged if someone is willing to help me out. Of course, proper credits will be given. :)

you can contact me through :

Thanks for your time for reading this. Sorry for any inconvenience i have caused. :)

Take care folks!

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