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I wish a happy new year to everyone. i hope you had a good start into the new year, mine wasn´t as good as i imagened....

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Hey guys,
I wish a happy new year to everyone.
i hope you had a good start into the new year, mine wasn´t as good as i imagened....

you´ve heard nothing from me for sometime, now well i had great problems with my computer. first i had some problems with my windows and then even my harddrive crashed. Well now it´s sounds more bad then it is, but it took me some time to get all back online and run fine and smooth and oops, there was christmas time so i had less time to work on the mod.

now i´m back working hard. At this moment i´m remaking the HUD, i never liked the simple blue desing of it so now i´m going to change it for the next update.
I´m really sorry that the next release isn´t out yet, but i want a more or less complete planet texture remake for this update so it will take some time.

So now i wasnt workless in the time my computer didn´t work. I had some ideas how the game could be more improved in the future and how the next update can be more easy to handle.
first i want to make a kind of modloader for this mod, where you can choose, which parts of the mod will be loaded ingame, and which not(for example: new lightsabers - yes or no)

then i did some thoughts about the gameplay. i think a mor open world, like that one in masseffect, would be nice, some more planets to visit, some bigger and smaller missions, some special places and maybe a new teammember??? what do you think about that??
then i had another idea: if the playerworld is expansioned by more places and planets it would be nice to have some challenges around you. i thought about somethin like that you can work for other people for money as a mercenary or something like that. You can earn money, fame and so on. The hard thing here would be that you have to be unknown as a jedi else the sith will pursue you.

oh before i forget it, i will replace the black tiles on dantooine with some lighter ones, screens will follows as soon as possible

now thats all from my for up to now


Your ideas are very good. No offense now, but first of all try to stick at the task at hand...I mean try to finish with all the graphic enhancement part and after that focus on the gameplay updates...I like the idea of a modloader very much. Try to introduce it in the update. It would be great! P.S. The HUD idea seems very nice...I would suggest you to make it a bit bigger (as in KoTOR2) and if you could I think that a transparent light blue futuristic HUD (if you know what I mean) would fit very nice...Cant't wait for the update. Keep up the good work and May The Force be with you...always.

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I have to agree with MasterVV, please focus on the graphical content not yet completed.

After that, yes, new types of missions, new worlds and a new HUD.

Has this mod added more faces to the long list of ai characters? If I recall correct many of the same faces appeared over and over, being one of the downsides of the game.

Great game that seems to have a great mod.

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