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A good CPS can only be gained with practice and endurance. Many Online Gamers boast unnatural CPS scores that are hard to believe and frankly, are impossible. If you would like to test your Mouse-Clicking ability in a fun and competitive way, then the CPS Test is the perfect tool for you.

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A CPSTester measures the number of Mouse Clicks you make in a second. It's not just for fun - it also tells us how quickly we tap our hands on a mouse or keyboard, roll dice, or press buttons!

CPS Test: What Is It and How Do I Take It


CPS Test is easy to play. All you have to do is go to the Clicktester site and click on the Start Test button. Once your first click is over, you will see how well you were prepared during the test, it will have any impact on their career prospects while preparing everyone.

Any age group can play this game, so if there were ever a reason why anyone, not just high school students, should give these tests another chance (and get those scores! ), I would think back to our company wanting some interns around as recruiters.

While this is not the only statistic that should concern gamers it is an important one because if someone has Higher Clicks Per Second (CPS) times than themselves, then they will have a greater chance of breaking the world record for Fastest Clicking Speed titleholder. which might not come as a surprise considering that players compete with each other to be the fastest.

How are Player Rankings Calculated?

The CPS Test Game does not have any official levels, although it can be found on many other websites. However, you're in luck because our team believes in giving players a fun, memorable experience - so they made five custom levels just for you! With obstacles ranging from Turtle level (easy) to Cheetah difficulty, there's something for everyone during your next try-out session.

  • Sloth - 0-3.5
  • Turtle - 3.5-5.5
  • Panda - 5.5-6.6
  • Mouse - 6.6-6.9
  • Buffalo - 6.9-7.5
  • Rabbit - 7.5-8
  • Wolf - 8-8.5
  • Tiger - 8.5 -9

Clicking Speed: How Can You Improve It?

The Clicks Per Second can only be improved through practice and endurance. Some players can register inaccurate scores in the air, but with time this will improve. It takes some time for most people's fingers to get used to just pressing buttons all day without any exercises or physical activity, which brings me back around again to ask myself, "How can I improve Click Speed Test?”.

Starting slowly is the best way to prevent injuries when trying new exercises like triple tapping instead of double-clicking because there isn't enough strength behind those weaker two-finger taps.

Abnormal CPS Test Scores

Many Online Gamers boast unnatural CPS scores that are hard to believe and frankly impossible for a human to achieve. Most players use Auto-Clicking Software to boost their scores, which takes away from the fun of playing games. The best way to enjoy games like Clicks Per Second is to play with your friends or family members, rather than using programs that can boost your score.


If you want to test your Mouse-Clicking ability in a fun and competitive way, then the CPS Test is an excellent choice. In this test, you can see how many Clicks Per Second (CPS) your fingers can make in a set amount of time. Each click counts as one point, so if you make five clicks per second, it would be worth 25 points. In comparison to other tests, the CPS Test measures both hands independently, so there's no need to worry about having a "left-handed advantage" over right-handed individuals.

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