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A quick little bit welcoming a few new people officially and a little update.

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Well, hello again ModDB members, this is atis_star_tours speaking. I said Project Kursed would update more and quicker, and I'm hoping to stick to that promise.

To start this update out, I'd like to take a few moments and officially welcome some new additions to the Onyxfire Team. The new people are:

  • Benjamin385 [UDK Mapper]
  • Shakeno [UT3 and UDK Modeler]
  • M4dgr4v3 [Concept Artist]
  • shanemurphy [Freelance Modeler]
  • DragonNOR [Writer/Voice Actor]

I know I mentioned a few names in the last news update, but this is my chance to officially welcome them. So, welcome to the team, buds! Hope you have a good time working with us.

In the mean time, here's some of what we've been working on. Concepts are coming in from the old lead, Chrono Reaper, and a few other people like M4dgr4v3. Mainly we've been trying to work out the Cornerian Soldier and Kursed, and we will begin modeling them soon, thanks to Shakeno and Shane. Story-wise, we've been attempting to rewrite some of the elements of the original synopsis. I won't reveal too much just yet, however I will say something unfortunate will happen.

Otherwise, we've been attempting to attach more realistic characteristics to the characters, like giving them positive and negative traits to create a realistic feeling person. I understand this may be construed as something Half-Life 2-ish, but we think it will help deepen the plot and the character development. I did mention this before in the other release, but its been progressing at incredible speed now, for a mod basically starting over from square one.

There will be some new updates in the future. I'll try for every week and, if I can't make that, every two weeks.

For now, bye and press Z or R twice.



Z and R, they do nuthing!

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dot dot dot

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Dr.Doozer Author

This was before you were taken on, cahemdue.

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