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Subjects: Website, Cosmicube iPhone, Procedural World Generator Update

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A few updates today. First up, I've started working on a website for the team (Link). it has no real content yet, but that will change in the future. I'm still deciding as to what style to create it in. I'm no avid web designer, so I'm putting it on the back-burner for now.

Cosmicube iPhone has finally made its way to the games tab (yay). A game project developed last year is making its return, but this time to the iPhone! ALL the code has been totally redone with about 8x optimization. Expect that to be released some time this year! Stay tuned for more updates with that.

The procedural world generator has had a few improvements as well as a new implementation. I was not happy with the way the snow-capped mountains appeared brighter than the polar regions. I figured out the issue which had to do with the splatmap ratios of the textures. Anyway now the snowcapped mountains should be the same brightness as the polar regions. I also tweaked the mountain coloring. If you haven't noticed I also upped the terrain resolutions from 128, 256, 512, to 256, 512, 1024, giving each size a much greater amount of detail. I also took the time to create and implement a random name generator for the worlds. They also cycle through 4 different fonts to add a bit more variety and character to the names / world. Let me know what you think! (Sorry no cancel function yet!)

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I'm trying out a new technique to processing the information. It's loading rather slow on my mac mini, anyone with a powerful computer that's able to confirm their load times it would be highly appreciated if you left a comment! Thanks

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