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Everyone likes some anouncements! So here they are!

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Hey guys!
First of all i, your glorious commander who was born on the 21st of july (*cough* hint*cough*) want to express how happy i am to see how much the 501st group has grown since its initial creation. Thanks to all of you we now have an almost secure spot in the top 100. Keep it up, post some images, discuss stuff in the comment section and promote the group!

Secondly, i would like to tell you about a new group i have created recently. It's called: Metal fans of Mod DB. It's a group... For metal fans... Really there is no better way to make a summary of it. We're still small now, but the goal of it will be it becoming a place for metal fans to gather, discuss different songs, and recommend bands to each other. If any of you are interested, please come and join us!
Also if one of you would be able to customize the page (give it backgrounds, change the theme etc.) please tell me, cause i've got zero knowledge on how that works.

Finally, i want to ask you guys a question. I want to start up a youtube channel (won't be starting up soon though, since i screwed up at school. We'll see.) and i am not sure what i should review first. I am currently looking at either the first three hitman games, c&c generals 2 (the mod, not the non-existing game) or rise of the reds. So i am asking you guys: which ones do you think are a better choice, or do you have any other suggestions. Though for the latter, beware that my library isn't so big, my pc is not strong, and i have almost no money to spend on games.

*peace* *order* *justice*


There is already a metal group which was created back in 2008 and is still very much active to this day, here's the link . So i really don't see why would you create another one, makes no sense...

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Packy21 Author

Bcause its name caused me to not find it so i thought i was actually first in something

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