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A lot of people seem to be split between two temporal ideas. We have the book fans on one side and then those that want to see a more original setting for the story.

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The first concept has it's setting in modernity, only a few years into the future. The Martians have already come, leaving Great Britain in ruin.

They have, however, fallen victim to Earth's plethora of micro organisms. Without any immunity, they died shortly after the initial landings.

But across the gulf of space, they still watch. And having studied the demise of their vanguard, they have augmented their bodies to better suit them in Earth's environment.

Now the real invasion is underway.

I had chosen this first concept because we would at least stand a chance against the martians with our current technological strength. We wouldn't be able to fight back for long if this was still 19th century England.

The game itself was based off a dream I had.

squigcake wrote: Have you ever had those dreams where you and your friends are house hopping along a country road running from those ominous 100 foot shadows in the distance? Maybe you peeked out the window once or twice at night and saw those strange lights filling up the bottoms of the clouds and that sense of something entirely unnatural... and unearthly... crept into your heart.

It was more personal, because it was my world that was under attack. I think that setting gave the experience a greater sense of realism, which in turn augmented the horrifying nature of it.

The game would take place in at least two settings. Great Britain, during the initial invasion, and North America after the vanguard force.

The other concept that people seem to like is the alternate storyline hidden within Wells' book. The artillery man declares a "brave new world" and as the song goes "With just a handful of men, we'll start all over again!"

In this alternate world, the Martians don't fall victim to the plague. Instead they recover and set to work conquering the Earth again. A few visionary men follow the artillery man's example and start a complex network of tunnels and intricate underground habitation zones. Over the course of many years, man rebuilds society under the Martians feet.

At some point a long the way, they succeed in capturing one of the fighting machines and prepare for their counter offensive.

This has always been one of my favorite concepts ever since I was a kid and I've dreamed it out in so many different ways.

It sounds great on paper, but I do have a few hangups with it.

My original concept was to make a survival horror game. If the humans reemerged from underground riding in their own fighting machines, It would turn into Battlefield Great Britain. I really don't want to take away from the horror aspect of the game.

-On a side note, since I spoiled it another post, the ultimate objective of the characters in the first concept would be to reach a hidden base in the Rockies. There waiting for their pilots, would be the first of the human fighting machines. The "end" of the game would even the odds without sacrificing the horror experience.-

Going back to the Wells concept. I think we could do the same thing, but have the focus of the game on capturing Martian technology for later use.

However, I think the game would become more mission based and take away from the free roam aspect of the game. This would take too much control away from the player and make the game seem more linear.

But it could be more like Call of Pripyat, where a group of agents are sent into a large world to acquire the Martian's secrets.

It could work, but to create that world and the massive cities underground, it would require at least twice as much to model and put together.

Brave New World

It would be an impressive art direction though. If the overwhelming majority really likes this second concept, then please, by all means help us make it a reality!

Cast your vote here.

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personnaly i thinks create new design i very great and wht not add in bonus the originals and movie design for make happy all the fan of all the support)

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