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A brief update for A World of Ice and Fire for Mount & Blade Bannerlord.

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A brief update for AWOIAF: The Known World

Please note this blog was taken from our webpage. You can see the full article here. It is however a little outdated as i forgot to post it on ModDB. There will be a new blog post coming soon!

I wanted to give a brief update regarding what myself and the rest of the team has been working on. I will continue to create video updates on YouTube but whilst I am short on time it is quicker and easier for me to post some blogs here. Once I am back to doing YouTube videos I shall probably upload them in tandem with these blogs too. If you have not checked out my channel then head on over to here where you can binge on some AWoIaF content for both Warband and Bannerlord.

AWoIaF – The Known World

Work is still progressing with the Bannerlord version of the modification, though due to Bannerlord still being an early access title, meaning it is still receiving many code breaking changes, plus the fact the editor breaks after every update, it is hard for us to make too much headway on the main portion of the modification. So for now we have continued to create assets and document anything we shall be adding in the future.

I wanted to show some renders of the new swords in the Bannerlord engine, but for some reason after the last update the editor does not want to load again, so instead I will show a render the artist sent me outside of Bannerlord.



New project – SpaceSlog

I have been working on a new project for a couple of years now whenever I have had the time. If you enjoy games like Rimworld, Starship Theory or Dwarf Fortress, then you may enjoy my new game SpaceSlog. You can find out more info over on its homepage or by joining our forums

As usual if you want to help support the development of A World of Ice and Fire you can head on over to our patreon page to become a patron. You can also join our discord.
Or maybe you just want to help support me as a thanks for the free work i have done over the years, if thats the case then feel free to tell your friends about my new game, or come join the forums and start some discussions.


Awesome! :D Hey I'd say assets are the biggest and most important thing for an early version of a Mount & Blade mod, so thats a good thing!

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Can't wait for this mod, with all the chaos going on with the trial of the seven kingdoms mod. This will be the new gold GoT mod for bannerlord

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