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The latest release of 8BitMMO adds several cool new features. Read on to see what's new!

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Alright, the S5 release is done! Here's the big new features:

  • Lighting!
  • Grief protection - now you can only pick up items that belong to you (or have no owner). You also can not build in the same tile as someone else.
  • Roads - travel 2x as fast
  • Signs - Press E to read. Type /signwhile next to a sign to set the message.
  • Doors - Press E to open. Comes in two varieties, yellow handle doors that allow everyone entry, and red handled doors that only admit the owner.
  • IRC integration - you can idle in #8bit and chat back and forth between players in-game
  • Password reset via e-mail (only if you registered with an e-mail address)
  • Right sidebar displays latest news & relevant links
  • Facebook / twitter feeds set up
  • New, faster world renderer
  • Gold can be picked up and is now correctly added to money instead of going into inventory
  • Lots of misc bug fixes & performance improvements

Known issues:

  • Sometimes on death, you get stuck on a black screen. Just say /home to fix.
  • Lighting doesn't recalculate when the world changes
  • Signs in some tiles are hard to read (for now, just place in another tile next to it)
  • In-world text (text shown over players & npcs) looks like butt. :P
  • There's an occasional server crash I haven't tracked down yet

Please give it a go and let me know your thoughts! :)

architectts - - 790 comments

Maybe it's just me, but when I logged in I had no new lighting and the lawyercats were making the coins glitch out.

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Sim9 Author
Sim9 - - 34 comments

Ah, so it does take a little bit of time for lighting to calculate. On my system it's pretty fast (~10sec), but your mileage will vary. Please let me know if it never loads on your machine or takes forever.

I'm noticing that problem too - sometime coins are placed too high or too low. Not sure why yet, but I'll add it to the bug list. Thanks :)

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