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Completely re-vamped tutorials are coming, designed for Game Maker 8.1 Standard.

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So you've payed for your nice and shiny version of Game Maker 8.1 Standard, but what's this? All the Bluish-Green Productions Game Maker Help tutorials are designed for Game Maker 8 Lite! That won't do, that won't do at all! Indeed, I shall not stand for it.
Sure the current tutorials are compatible with Game Maker 8.1 Standard, but they are not made for it. This shall be no quick re-skin, no, this is a complete do-over! Only the games will remain largely unchanged in this conversion, the tutorials themselves are getting a complete overhaul.
Here is a list of changes you can expect to see:

  • Re-writes: Looking over how I've written the tutorials I've found a lot that needs changing. It's not all bad, but there is a LOT that I am completely re-writing in order to better suite your game-making needs.
  • Formatting: It was fine before for what it was. But now it is so much better! Cleaner, less cluttered pages, better quality and up-to-date photos, even a new watermark.
  • Video tutorials: This is a ways off yet, but make no mistake. For those who dislike boring, sound-less text, that you have to *shudder* read, videos will make all that a thing of the past! Prepare to see step-by-step, mouse-click for mouse-click guides presented in that most fantastic format of web-based moving pictures!

To demonstrate the change, here is a comparison between the old and new introductions for the BGPGM Help tutorials, I do hope you can tell which is which:

Out with the old!

Not bad, but could be a little nicer on the eyes.

In with the new!

Much better! (I hope you'll agree).
I'll be converting the tutorials starting immediately, I have already finished the Introduction (hence the preview) but I won't upload it just yet, seeing as there isn't anything to introduce. Once I have the Cave Explorer tutorial updated to 8.1, you can expect to see both file make their proud debut right here on Mod DB!

Good luck Game Making!

~Bluish-Green Productions

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