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The playable demo for 4 for the Money launched on Steam yesterday!

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You can listen to us gab…or you can play the demo! Follow the link below and download the playable demo. Experience the fun and quality of the concepts, music and overall product to come. Call some friends and get your gadgets around. You've got a big job tonight...

Click Here to get the Demo on Steam!


4 for the Money is an 8-bit, action-packed platformer for 1-4 players. Reminiscent of the greats from the late 80’s and early 90’s, the focus here is on simple gameplay with fun additions and gimmicks to make each area unique. The core of the gameplay is the feel of the classic 2D side-scroller. Jumping on heads, well-timed shooting, quick responses and pattern memorization are what the game is all about. Players will progress through semi-linear levels, collecting money and evidence against crime lords as they work their way to the front of the rat race.

Team up for outrageous teamwork that will leave friends and family laughing, shouting, throwing controls and everything else that makes for memorable co-op! The special abilities of each character must be used in conjunction between players to overcome challenging enemies and puzzles.

Play alone for rapid role-swapping action to overcome an onslaught of vicious robots, puzzles and horrifying bosses! Players can switch their character at any time, mid-air or mid-attack, to fluidly string each characters abilities together.

4 for the Money overcomes the challenge of many multi-player games made single-player, or vice versa. Separate level designs and changes to core gameplay elements between the single and multiplayer modes make for exciting gameplay and interesting puzzles whichever way you play.

4 for the Money features dynamic difficulty settings, allowing players to customize the difficulty. With 8 customizable difficulty variables including varying level designs, enemy health, damage received and checkpoint frequency, casual and hardcore players alike will enjoy the action, even while playing together. Your team can make the game ridiculously easy, impossibly hard, or anywhere in between! There are essentially infinite possibilities! Or you can get into the action quickly by choosing one of the difficulty presets.

Advanced Difficulty Customization Advanced Difficulty Customization

Each of the 4 playable characters has skills that will remind players of their favorite characters of the 8 and 16-bit eras. Each player must be on their A-game, using their mobility and skills to cover each other as greater challenges and enemies loom. Will you choose weapon versatility, aerial movement, or body the opposition as the team shield?

There are no heroes here! Player characters feature exclusive colors that create a niche within the team where only they can succeed. The characters can generally only kill enemies of the same color. The unique color system requires team members to focus on fighting enemies, platforming and solving puzzles of their same color while avoiding enemies they cannot destroy. Team coordination is an absolute must, resulting in constant strategizing and frantic shouting and in the midst of tense combat and mind-boggling puzzles.

Jay Bleu

Jay, the epitome of the action hero, is the arms expert. With six weapons he can access and swap quickly, he can adapt to most any situation. A laser to shoot through walls, a shotgun to blast nearby enemies and his trusty pistol are among his arsenal. Some of his weapons allow him to cross the color barrier and destroy enemies that are not blue with explosions. He may be a knave of mobility, but he holds the aces of weapons and versatility

Redna Carmine

Redna, the infamous cat burglar, is all about stealthy maneuvering. Quick slides and air-dashes, coupled with wall climbing and other skills allow her to get most anywhere. She zooms around the battlefield, taking out red foes from all angles and deflecting enemy projectiles with her long fingernails. Careful positioning and quick movement have brought her to the top of the crime scene.

Fulvio di Bello

The boisterous engineer of the team, Fulvio, uses gadgets to maximize his air mobility. His latest, yet incomplete, jet pack allows him a mid-air jump. When combined with his quick-deploy parachute, he soars through the skies over yellow enemies until dropping his tremendous weight on their heads. His years of turning wrenches have built some serious muscle, which he uses to lift team mates and crates to help the team reach greater heights and get the jump on enemies.

Arnold Grayson

Arnold Grayson, the heralded ex-Special Forces agent, has trained his body and mind to the point of invulnerability. His line-backer build allows him to manipulate enemy movement and defend comrades. He uses his iron grip to hold enemies as easy prey for his new partners in crime. He shows no fear in the face of danger, willingly placing himself in harm’s way. Bullets are flattened upon impact with his heaving chest. Electricity and fire change from harm to help when wielded by Grayson. His ability to challenge the power of opposition is invaluable to the mission.

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