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Profiles for the Rylor, the Rylor Bull, and the Winged Rylor in Din's Curse: Demon War.

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Din's Curse - Rylor


The grim rylor attack with timed bombs, obliterating enemies without qualm. Being of a fire nature, Rylors hate the cold. Though cultured in their own fashion, they tend to retain a nasty disposition and only respect power.

Special Abilities: Timed Bomb and Elemental Imbued based on type
Variants: Magma Rylor (shown), Frost Rylor, Shock Rylor, Toxic Rylor, and Arcane Rylor
Din's Curse - Rylor Bull

Rylor Bull

From the rylor clan, the baleful rylor bull taunts its victim senseless with rage, but before the victim can strike, the bull smashes them with its mighty horns. Rylor bulls are impulsive, jumping into fights without considering the odds.

Special Abilities: Head Butt, Taunt, and Elemental Imbued based on type
Variants: Magma Rylor Bull, Frost Rylor Bull (shown), Shock Rylor Bull, Toxic Rylor Bull, and Arcane Rylor Bull
Din's Curse - Winged Rylor

Winged Rylor

The rylor breed, winged rylor, uses wicked blocks and savage attacks with its wings. They are adaptable to many climates and diets, aiding in exploration and the spread of demonkind.

Special Abilities: Wing Block, Wing Attack, and Elemental Imbued based on type
Variants: Winged Magma Rylor, Winged Frost Rylor, Winged Shock Rylor (shown), Winged Toxic Rylor, and Winged Arcane Rylor

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