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This is the first of the 501st legions and will be used on a campaign map on tatooine or geonosis.

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soldier: DC-15A rifle, grenades, pistol, bacta packs, coric skin

Jet trooper: DC-15A rifle, grenades, flamethrower, jet missles, pistol

Hawk: pilot that drops down troops at the beginning of the game, DC-15s carbine, hawk skin, parachute

ARF sergeant Boomer: Sniper, SC-15s carbine, grenades, stealth, boomer skin, pistol

Sergeant Denal: Jetpack, missles, DC-15s Carbine, fusion cutter, grenades

Sergeant Kano: DC-15A rifle, pistol, grenades, portable shield, pistol

in the conquest you can play as all of them but in campaign you can only play as soldier and jet trooper and one of each the other 4 ranks sticks with you as support apart from hawk who just flies you in.

As kano you can call for troops to back you up and as denal you can call for jet troopers. as hawk you get to fly around the map wrecking vultures or zombies from above (yes the second part of the campaign has zombie clones)


so...wheres the models?

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