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Latest gameplay video presenting how the game will look and play and some other stuff.

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Kopanito All-Stars Soccer is an arcade soccer game in development, inspired by Sensible Soccer, Kick Off and Nintendo World Cup. Kopanito mixes fast and skill-based gameplay with super-moves: fantasy elements that you won't find in real-world soccer simulation games.

Latest gameplay video

This video presents a single friendly match in a 1 vs 1 local multiplayer game. We've added some graphical effects lately: depth of field, color overlay and stadium shadows. No super-moves on this video yet!


We've replaced wall super-move, which was uninteresting to us with this:


This is Windmaker. When activated, will blow out everything from the goal line, including ball and players (goalkeeper may have hard time to tend goal though).

Steam Greenlight on the horizon

We'll be hitting Greenlight in few weeks (currently Kopanito is in concepts section only). Please follow us, so you'll know when we need votes on Steam.

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DLK_Studios - - 5 comments

This is absolutely brilliant! I would honestly sooner play this than FIFA2015.

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PACUS - - 12 comments

Fifa? PES? no.... Kopanito All-Stars Soccer, wow this is great :)

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JagoTheTiger - - 8 comments

Reminds me of mario Strikers for some reason, you should also add INTENSE music "make it even more intense". Also love the curve slow-mo shots c:

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CYON4D - - 276 comments

This looks great. Reminds me the classic "Sensible Soccer".

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