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Celebrating 2 years, 2 months and 2 days of Godherja

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Hey folks! Happy 2/2/2nd Diamond Jubilee! While we missed the anniversary, I hope to make up for it on this auspicious attractively uniform date of time since we created the Godherja server and the mod began - two years, two months, and two days ago!!! The patch is coming very soon, and its insane how much we ended up getting into it. I decided that while you guys have a ton of cool teasers above, I'd celebrate this almost anniversary by dropping a ton of intel for you all to feast on for what's coming in the next patch! Sarradon felt like an entire new mod, and its been such a fast/long four months since then, but it seriously feels like a whole mod all over again. Not only have we shoved insane amounts of content over the last month and some change since we patched, but as part of our patching for the new DLC (which has been working for a few days now!) we ended up falling into a bit of a trap trying to solve CTD issues for some team members. In our efforts to hunt down the crash, we have currently brought the number of errors logged in the mod from 26,000-30,000+ errors down to...
Wait for it...
Under 1,000!
There literally hasn't been this few bugs since... well ever, actually, even before release! The number is still shrinking in the leadup to release, and many of the errors remaining are simply several repeating a few hundred times. Now that the count is so low, I'm planning on something I never thought I would be able to and will be working over the next few patches to bring this error count down to under 100 - something insane for a mod the size of Godherja.
So please before I get on with it, thank all of our wonderful team members who have been working insanely hard with me on bringing down the error count of the mod. I'd name some individual standouts but wouldn't want to make the rest of the team feel neglected since there are so many who can be thanked. Not only have we cleaned up a ton of the mod and added tons of new content, but I can attest that for my own PC, my load times have generally gone from five minutes down to sub 20 seconds! The mod's faster an cleaner than ever, and so to share just a few things we have in the pipeline...
In Godherja Patch 0.2.6, you will be able to enjoy...
New hunting events! Both incidental events to shake things up along the road, as well as several new monsters to chase, with a focus on our first aquatic beasts!
New Special Buildings! Mostly fleshing out the Isles and giving them some new points of interest to play around in!
Brand new and/or redone Tenets and Traditions for faiths and cultures!
New faiths entirely!
And cultures!
New masks, free of the wretched hood scum!
(thanks Uber and the Kingdom of Heave team for the Baldwin mask!)
New and redone portraits!
(our first Lonely Lighter character!)
Not to mention Ethnicities & Portraits Expanded reintegrated entirely and with even more donated models, this time without several thousand errors and half of it not working before it gets cut! This time it's here to stay! And it even comes with helmets and clothes that were technically in the mod and never worked until we bothered doing or job and making the mod work!
And all models previously in the mod but only found in Ruler Designer now properly appear in game!
And how about rebalanced Marcher MAAs?
Who have been paired with redone Marcher buildings which, as a Godherja (and modding?) first, require more work than just an innovation to recruit!
And since everyone knows I'm a Chevalie fanboy, I guess I gotta mention that the Broken Crown has been restored (and then broken again physically) and now comes with far improved mechanics than the original pre-Sarradon system!
And inspired by our Marcher fellows, all cultures now have unique Mercenaries!
And of course we have new decisions, events, formables, and other gameplay features!
And the Random Ruler and Random Titles Game Rules are back in action for the three people who cares about them!
And some things that might get pushed off to next patch like... Various stages of magical mutation, with a full spectrum of beautiful colors!
Even more content of course, for groups such as the Tlakalak!
And to finish things off, here's a few randomly selected lines from the Changelog of stuff not mentioned above:
  • New opening events:
    Duke Damodara Daljayura of Eshkatabad
    Belisarios “Frostblood” Drakaxiad
    Kresjsla Kraken-Eater
    Arderico of Assagra
    Countess Antipatra of Parios
    Countess Athanasia of Scarsos
    Chief Wishiwashi
  • Added a decision, trait, and event that allows a king-level Kemsari warlord to attempt to invade the Amsari Hiklahn
  • Reimplemented and redid the vanilla holy site special buildings that were cut before release for reasons nobody remembers
    Grand Cathedrals for Marchers
    Saintly Cathedrals for Agionists
    Grand Temples (Indian stylization) for Dravidic faiths
    Grand Temples (Pagan stylization) for Pagan faiths
    Grand Courthouses (Mosques) for Wardenites
    Hallowed Náon for Aagiokratans
    Grand Temples (no stylization) for everyone else
  • Added all CK2 event pictures as decision art for future use
  • Added Saxon and British helmets from EPE for Lonely Light culture
  • Fixed ‘The Hiklahn Mourns’ Amsari event that let characters join the civil war not correctly firing for players
  • Redlanders now have a unique ethnicity and cultural tradition
  • Restored the longship burial events from vanilla since Paradox finished them (congrats Ewan!)
  • Cultures native to the Pirate Coast now properly use South East Asian buildings (thanks to El Tyranos and everyone who took part in the Majapahit Mod Jam!)
  • Added several hundred missing or broken localization strings
  • Tlakalak characters now wear Aztec clothing, have Aztec buildings, Aztec unit models, and so on. Thanks to KeizerHarm from Sunset Invasion for the donation
  • Turns out that half of all the clothing in the mod was broken in some form, this is now resolved
    Likewise, all cultures now properly show their COAs, clothing, units, buildings, and so on. Most previously did not due to errors

Hope you're all as excited for the patch as I am to release it! I don't want to spoil more than I already have, but just know that while the Lichdoms are far off, you might be having some chance encounters with its denizens very soon 😉

Have a good one everybody! See you next week / this weekend / fourteen heavenly seconds after you read this for the patch (assuming later will probably help us all cope mentally)!

And also happy pride everyone! I wish all of our LGBTQ+ members a month of hard drugs, rock and roll and being gayer or theyer than normal. I know I'll be spending it doing what I love 😉

New hunting events! Both incidental events to shake things up along the road, as well as several new monsters to chase, with a focus on our first aquatic beasts!
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