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A long due update on what we've been doing since the last update.

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Hello everyone!

Fiffle here with an update!

As you can see from the title, we've been taking little steps with the mod, but the team's been making good progress on pre-development work! I'm here today to show you what we've been doing.

Team changes:

Since the last article, we've had many people leave to work on other projects, and we've had a few new people join our team.
Farewell November, Nautom, SkillfulDomat, and CreativeCipher, thank you for everything!
We wish them all the best of luck in the future and we're excited to see what they work on next!
Welcome to the team Kabubu and Iambread!

New modeler!

We've begun working with the talented Kabubu to remake and reimagine some of the original models from Portal 2. You may know him already from this tweet where he remade 2 models from the original game!

Here's what he's worked on so far:

(sorry about the gap!)

We're excited to work more with him on expanding our asset palette and increase the quality of the mod.
Thanks Kabubu, your work is incredible!

New art studies!

Recently we released 2 art studies for the mod.
The first one is for the new chamber style. This level is not intended for the final game, and everything is still being worked on and subject to change later on down the line.
New Style Art Study!

The second one is for our conductivity gel. We played around with the colors and particles, this is what was settled on. Once again, the gel is a work in progress and subject to change later on.
This gel system, while not final, shows how the gel functions and looks pretty well. The video is missing damage, sound, and some particles.
Gel Visuals Study!

What's next?

There will most likely be a long gap between now and our next article. We don't want to show everything we do and aim for the highest quality possible on what we do show, but because of our lack of developers everything's moving quite slow.
For more frequent updates on the mod, consider joining our Discord server!

Please consider joining the team! We have positions open for mappers, a writer, a sound designer, programmers, and more! Check out the Discord server to see all the positions we have available!
DM me (Fiffle__Sniffle#2182) to apply!

Thank you for reading!

I appreciate the support from everyone, and the rest of the team does too!
Thank you for an amazing first year of development, we look forward to this next year of making this mod a reality! I would like to thank the team for helping me along the way.

Thank you so much MoonBased (Azul), November, CreativeCipher, Iambread, Erin, SkillfulDomat, Nautom, Luger_Mann, Kabubu, Antek1234I, Orinji Neko (tons of non-development help and support), TheCCguy, the Thinking With Portals team, the creators of the asset's we're using (placeholder or final, will be credited!), the Firelance Studios team (assets and support), Erin-Rose Webs (non-development support), Fajr, and of course, you (which we could not do this without!)
Have a good day everyone, Fiffle out!

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