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There will be a qna and a 2021 overview in this article.

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2021 Was the first year for our mod and we have progressed a lot. We have two developers not counting myself, and lots of screenshots and built a reasonable community for only half a year.


Question - how long will the mod be?

Answer - Puzzle game playtime is hard to predict, but for chapters one and two we assume it would be about 30 minutes play time if you know the puzzles well. The estimated play time.

Question - How many maps are planned?

Answer - currently we only know how many maps will be in chapter one and two. There are fifteen maps.

Question - How many maps are puzzles?

Answer - One and a half. I say a half because of the first test chamber which I will just say is something easy that doesn't use portals that you have played in the original game, but it is a test.

Question - Can I apply for dev? What if I want something that isn't on the wanted list?

Aswer - Applying is highly encouraged and won't be closed! The wanted devs are the devs we really need on our side to continue with the mod to make it functional and to make it make sense. If your position is not on the list, you will probably make it anyway! It makes the game more enjoyable!

Question - What stage of development are you in?

Answer - We are currently in the planning stage

Question - When will Resurrection be released?

Answer - Probably in a few years.


Question - Can I become a playtester?

Answer - The conversation will always be

"We appreciate the offer, but the game will unplayable so far."

"Will you choose me when the mod is ready for testing?"


If you have any questions, feel free to join the discord and ask in the Q-N-A channel!

And with that, it has been a great year for the mod. For me it has been sad and happy. Two relatives have died recently and much more, but I hope that next year will be better for everyone. And with that, happy new year.

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