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I wanted to write an update now that its been 2 years, to truly give you my thoughts on this mod.

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Hello guys! :)

I wanted to write this for a long time, to give you my true thoughts on this little project of mine. I made this mod when I was 14 back in 2018, and it was really my first attempt ever using hammer (I made a few, uhh, terrible Garry's mod maps before this).

I'm 17 now and looking back at it I do cringe a little at my approach. Its a first go, it isn't anything special, and there's a lot of criticism for it, rightfully so I'd say. I believe it was more of an attempt to chain together and evolve my mapping skills in a way I can easily see. I spent a lot more time on later sections than the beginning ones, something I think stands out a bit too much, and therefore I regret not going back to hone them out more after my understanding of the engine improved.

I don't mean to sound self-centered when I say this, but I am definitely proud with this and see it as an achievement of mine, even if this is not good in most people's eyes. Mainly because it was a big challenge, especially working in such an old engine with limited knowledge and I'm proud I even got this far, however I understand it can be very underwhelming for the average player and for that I truly apologize.

I know its bizarre bringing this up 2 years later, but I wanted to bring some context now that I'm older, to have an update. I am honored this has gotten the attention it has, and I would therefore like to say I am sorry for putting anyone's expectations too high, especially before I released it.

For anyone downloading now, remember when playing this is a 14 year old's first attempt at modding.

Hope you understand, and thank you so much for reading (and playing)! :D


Don't worry, everyone starts somewhere! Good luck on your future work!

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Frze512 Author

Thanks! :)

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I've been playing mods since I was a wee lad and I never got past basic test-maps and killrooms, you actually got something off the ground so for sure that's something to be proud of!

Hope you plan on doing something when you have the time in the future!

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Hope to see more of your work

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